Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Internet Cafe

A client of mine from the US texted me that she needed an impromptu invitation. She has been a long time client of mine so i had to heed her distress call, turns out she found out her sister's supplier suddenly went awol so she thought of me to make her sister one ... but the catch is the party is on one week! I was at the mall at the time she texted since i was looking for a gift for Sam's eleventh birthday .... i quickly snuck into an internet cafe and got myself a computer in no time. The area where the gaming computers were was full, good thing there was a section for those who will just surf and not join the online games, so i was able to get a seat without having to wait. I finished her invite in less than 20 mins and we chatted about it, so i was able to send her the final ready for printing file within the hour.

I just love how the internet connects you real time :)

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