Friday, September 30, 2011


These are the before and after images at Roxas Boulevard.

The swimming pool area and Spirals Restaurant at Hotel Sofitel. Looking at it especially the one of Spiral's looked like looking at Titanic pictures, thay looked dreary and eerie at the same time.

Another storm is on the way this weekend ... i hope it does not do as much damage.

Take care everyone.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Vin will be having his first camping trip next month!

I am so excited for him!

Christian will be joining a camping reunion and they are inviting the member's kids to join in the fun too, so Vin is really looking forward to this. Christian has been telling Vin stories of what it was like to go camping and actually roughing it up. He told him how he pitched his own tent, cook using firewood and cutting trees with his utility knife and actually sleeping in the dark. The last part was not Vin's favorite ... hahaha!

I wonder how he will react knowing that they are not allowed to bring any electrical gadgets like gameboys, psp and laptops ... tee hee!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Vin has been going to my school after his class for three days now, and i read on his diary that he will have shortened schedule again tomorrow. His usual class is from 7:00am to 2:00pm, but now that they have their intramurals he is having shortened schedule from 7:00am till 10:00 am ... and that means i am still in my school teaching .... so there is no choice but for him to stay with me and wait till i finish my classes.

My students just love itwhen Vin is joining their class, but of course that does not give them a go signal to make noise ... hahaha ... business is business. Tee hee!

Love it

I was going through sports shop to look for cool stuff for Christian's bowling tournament that will start next month and saw the large selection of bowling balls. It had such good style and is versatile to wear by just anyone, i know Christian would look dashing in them.I was able to buy shoes though, with a written agreement from the manager that if the size does not fit Christian they would happily change it to the size we need, and even change of style if he does not like what i chose for him .. i doubt it though, we usually have the same taste in everything.I have yet to see what to give Sam for her birthday ... but i know i won't find it in a sports shop ... an anime shop maybe .. hahahha!

Internet Cafe

A client of mine from the US texted me that she needed an impromptu invitation. She has been a long time client of mine so i had to heed her distress call, turns out she found out her sister's supplier suddenly went awol so she thought of me to make her sister one ... but the catch is the party is on one week! I was at the mall at the time she texted since i was looking for a gift for Sam's eleventh birthday .... i quickly snuck into an internet cafe and got myself a computer in no time. The area where the gaming computers were was full, good thing there was a section for those who will just surf and not join the online games, so i was able to get a seat without having to wait. I finished her invite in less than 20 mins and we chatted about it, so i was able to send her the final ready for printing file within the hour.

I just love how the internet connects you real time :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


It's Mama Mary's feastday!

Our school celebrated it by hearing mass this morning and listening to a beautiful homily. I always feel good whenever i hear a nice homily and i come out of the mass feeling refreshed and enlightened.

Happy Birthday Mama Mary!

Water Woes

Our water bill skyrocketed.

I thought it was because of the numerous times the kids take a shower because of the heat, but after looking at our water tank on the rooftop ... i discovered a leak. Uh-oh.

I then thought of all the wasted water that has been happening and i was not even aware of it. I was always monitoring our electric consumption and took for granted our water usage since i know it was always minimal. Christian said we have to buy a lever since that is where the leak started then a pipe that connects to the water pump.

I will be looking at various kinds tomorrow to fix this, searched the net for some items and saw a lot of plastic hoses and braided metal hose, since i am thumbs when it comes to these i will have to ask Christian about it and i will buy them over the weekend. I really feel bad for all the wasted water especially since the news always talks about water shortage in some areas.