Sunday, July 17, 2011


I have a grade one student who has a walking disability since birth. She is a very happy little girl despite what she is going through. I know that it can be really tough for a little girl not o be able to run and play around like her classmates but i have never seen her face look sad at any time. Every time i would call her she would flash me a great smile and i actually forget that she is not like the others in terms of capabilities. She attends school three times a week, while two days of the week she undergoes therapy.

I got surprised last week when she was able to stand up, she was of course holding on her desk and her bag, i saw that she was wearing donjoy hinged knee brace to steady her. I cannot forget how her face beamed with joy that she could stand up, she said "Teacher, can you get my book?" and she was standing straight for me to see.

I am so proud of her, most especially proud of how she is handling this. Her parents give her all the love they can give and that explains why she always look happy and content with all that she has.

Love can really make a huge difference.

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