Sunday, July 17, 2011

First Exam Cramming

Last week was a very busy week. We had our very first round of examinations and we had to fit in eight subjects in two days. This year i am teaching Science to grades one to four, Computer to grades one to six and TLE grades four to six. Imagine the exams i have to prepare for my classes. It was truly a toxic activity.

I made a record for myself by creating ten different tests in just one day! I usually make a maximum of four in a day, but because of the recent happening the other week i found it impossible to make them ahead of time, so there i was crunch time moment, only a day before the tests i was still typing them.

But, bottom line is ... i did it! Whew.

Now, i have time to look at my other online routine like checking on my multiply site, readings at for the kind we really need, facebook activity and my neglected email.

The next exams will be in August (yup, just a month away) i promise to start early and will never cram again .... keeping my fingers crossed.

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