Sunday, July 17, 2011

Diamond is Forever

I am now thinking of having a diamond peel.

I always see this service being offered at my facial salon, but i never really thought if having it done. I made some online searches and it look good, it is non invasive and results are seen after the first treatment.

I got some phone numbers that i will be calling and see if i can squeeze myself an appointment this afternoon .... yup i mean business .. hahaha!

When Monday starts, i will not be free till Saturday, which happens to be Christian's birthday! Yey! Another reason to look forward to the weekend!

Signal Woes

My sister and i were looking at some potential houses here in Paranaque for them to move into next month. We were able to see a lot, and i mean a lot. We would go around street after street of a particular village and would go down and have a look at the units. There was actually a house that stood out among the rest but there was one setback ... the signal of my sisters phone was really low and she said this could be a major reason for them not take the house. I know where she is coming from, being attached to my cellphone as well for messages and calls from my clients and of course Chrisitian.

We found out that there are actually cell booster home units available to increase the signal of your cell phone. Wow!

Everything is really possible nowaday ... so the house is back on the top of the list.


After the crazy week, i felt i needed a break.

I am not much into pampering myself, but i felt the need to do so after the long week. I had a facial last Friday night to prepare me to a good weekend. I usually am not relaxed during a facial like other women, i find the pricking procedure really painful. But if that is what is needed to cleanse my face deeper then i endure it for a few minutes.

But maybe because of the two week happenings i actually did not feel as hurt as before, it was like my body succumbed to the torture and let it all happen, maybe i was too tired to feel it. I wonder if that will be the case for me to not feel the pricking if that was actually a blessing in disguise. Tee hee.

First Exam Cramming

Last week was a very busy week. We had our very first round of examinations and we had to fit in eight subjects in two days. This year i am teaching Science to grades one to four, Computer to grades one to six and TLE grades four to six. Imagine the exams i have to prepare for my classes. It was truly a toxic activity.

I made a record for myself by creating ten different tests in just one day! I usually make a maximum of four in a day, but because of the recent happening the other week i found it impossible to make them ahead of time, so there i was crunch time moment, only a day before the tests i was still typing them.

But, bottom line is ... i did it! Whew.

Now, i have time to look at my other online routine like checking on my multiply site, readings at for the kind we really need, facebook activity and my neglected email.

The next exams will be in August (yup, just a month away) i promise to start early and will never cram again .... keeping my fingers crossed.


I have a grade one student who has a walking disability since birth. She is a very happy little girl despite what she is going through. I know that it can be really tough for a little girl not o be able to run and play around like her classmates but i have never seen her face look sad at any time. Every time i would call her she would flash me a great smile and i actually forget that she is not like the others in terms of capabilities. She attends school three times a week, while two days of the week she undergoes therapy.

I got surprised last week when she was able to stand up, she was of course holding on her desk and her bag, i saw that she was wearing donjoy hinged knee brace to steady her. I cannot forget how her face beamed with joy that she could stand up, she said "Teacher, can you get my book?" and she was standing straight for me to see.

I am so proud of her, most especially proud of how she is handling this. Her parents give her all the love they can give and that explains why she always look happy and content with all that she has.

Love can really make a huge difference.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Better Safe

The saying 'better safe than sorry' really holds water in my book. That is why when my friend was asking me about how to go about her slimming down i told her there is no other way but to make sure she drinks only safe diet pills and not rely on ads alone. No crash diets for me too. I always believed that gradual slimming down will make sure there will be no drastic effect on her body. I will help her find good restaurants to aid her in her quest for a better and slim body now that there are a lot of fat-free food available on the menus.

Here is hoping we can make things happen safely.