Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Check Up

Brought Vin for his annual check up last weekend and his pediatrician was really surprised on how he has grown. He may not have put on much weight but he has exceeded the average height for his age. I marveled at how he can reach many things lately, but honestly i did not notice his growth spurt if not for this check up.

While waiting for our turn i was talking to a kind lady who shared her story about her two teenage boys that he used to accompany during pedia visits. She said nowadays she accompanies them to check up but this time for drug rehab treatment, a far cry from her usual doctor visits. I marvelled at how she is handling it and how proud she is of her sons who i heard are doing well with the program they are in.

I really believe that nothing is impossible in the eyes of a mother when it comes to her children .. there is always hope and a promise of good things.

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