Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trying My Lucky Streak

Since i won last month in the bonding moments photo contest, then with Vin and Nut's photo entry last week ... i can't help and try my luck again. I sure have a winning streak and i really want to milk it as far as it can go .. hahaha!

I joined a photo contest again for Father's Day celebration, and will know the results within the week. I saw the other entries online and they are great shots too. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Lots of luck ... to me ... lol!

Check Up

Brought Vin for his annual check up last weekend and his pediatrician was really surprised on how he has grown. He may not have put on much weight but he has exceeded the average height for his age. I marveled at how he can reach many things lately, but honestly i did not notice his growth spurt if not for this check up.

While waiting for our turn i was talking to a kind lady who shared her story about her two teenage boys that he used to accompany during pedia visits. She said nowadays she accompanies them to check up but this time for drug rehab treatment, a far cry from her usual doctor visits. I marvelled at how she is handling it and how proud she is of her sons who i heard are doing well with the program they are in.

I really believe that nothing is impossible in the eyes of a mother when it comes to her children .. there is always hope and a promise of good things.

Father's Day

I have everything i really need .... what more can i ask for?

Happy Father's Day to Christian, a hands on father to the three kiddies. I cannot imagine going through parenting without you by my side.

Good job!


The partners won!

I got a registered mail notifying me that Vin and Choconut made it to the magical five winners. I was super happy! I sent my email hoping that it gets a chance and despite the volume of those who joined we still won! Yey, Vin and Nutty!

I will be leaving in a bit to meet up with my cousin who will go to the mall after he finishes his errands ranging from ordering dinner, buy phenphedrine, taking the dog to the vet and do a weekly grocery. We all live a busy life, and you really have to schedule some time to bond or else you will can get easily lost in the frenzy of things.


Just found great deals on laptops and with the ever increasing prices nowadays finding a bargain is really something to get excited about, hahah! Cheap thrill if you may say.

Bea has a laptop as her gift last year and Sam has been giving me hints that she wants one too for her birthday. Her birthday is still in September but she is hoping to get a laptop as she turns eleven ... while Bea got hers when she turned twelve.

I really have to think things through here ... if we will talk about responsible in taking care of a gadget then Sam passes that criteria. She is actually the one taking care of Bea's laptop especially if she was the last one who used it.

I will see how things go and maybe we can have a happy and excited laptop toting eleven year old in September.

Friday, June 10, 2011

First Mass

Today we had our very first official mass to celebrate the opening of this school year. Followed by the mass, we had our Parents meeting and orientation. It was well attended and this just means that we are off to a good start.

Next week, regular school hours and classes begin as well. I have a full shift from 7:00 am all the way to 2:00 pm.

Excited for a new year!


My co-teachers and i have been contemplating on what uniform to don this school year. We have a lot of things to consider in choosing our uniforms. First the color, comfort and of course the professional look of being teachers. The cost of course follows, especially that everyone is on a tight budget these days. Hospitals on the other hand do not have any problems when it comes to uniforms, especially that there are a lot of color schemes to choose from, a good example are the versatile looking cherokee workwear that is becoming popular. I love scrubs, they are so comfortable and easy to wear, plus so much room to move around and you do not feel constricted to move and do your business.

I wonder how teachers would look in comfy scrubs ... cool!

Nut and Vin

There is an ongoing photo contest that requires a participant to send a picture of your favorite pet ... trying my luck and sent these photos. You think we have a chance? Hope so.

This actually my second try to join a photo contest this year .. the first one was last month and we bagged a prize for it, so i am really hoping we win again.

When they were younger i would always join contests but lately i don't have time to do so ... and now here i am again getting into the groove of it.

Will keep you posted by tomorrow if we do win it.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Cars Old And New

I have never been a fan of cars. I actually have a running joke that i can only recognize a volkswagon nothing more. I went to my sister's carshow where they sponsored a booth for their trucking car carrier business and i have to say i was amazed with the cars. So here i am writing and taking back my word that i would not be a fan .. hahaha! There even was a car there that belonged in the 1916 era .. wow! I wonder if these cars were placed and stored in a metal building to ensure that they will not be damaged by anything. I love the roomy feeling of the vintage cars, so much headroom. There also were cars that had large speakers all over the place and would really rock the street literally. Christian had a great time taking photos of the cars while the kids and i were walking along the exhibit. It was a great experience for the kids and of course for the hubby.