Friday, May 27, 2011

Supermark Chatter

The supermarket lines nowadays are getting longer (the physical line and the waiting time) no matter how many counters are open there still is a long queue. What i do is sometimes i ask Christian to fall in line with the filled up cart and while waiting for our turn i leisurely look around the aisles and see what i have forgotten, and i usually end up adding chips and unnecessary treats. Hahahah! I sometimes brave the long wait and have a chance to pick up some magazines on the rack or sometimes eavesdrop on other people's conversation .. and believe me topics really vary from the best kindergarten school around the area to the weight loss pills that work down to the good kind of cable tv. It's like listening to radio and switching dials every so often.

I love doing the grocery ... it's the line that bugs me ... and my wallet ... tee hee!

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