Friday, May 27, 2011

Master For A Day

Took the kids to experience a Cosplay Maid Cafe and to be called "masters" for an afternoon. Brought them to Meidolls Cafe in Cainta, Rizal, and this is the very first Maid Cafe in the Philippines. The waitresses wore maid uniforms and would greet you with a smile and song every time they see you. They even put alcogel (hand sanitizer) on everyone before you eat to make sure you are clean to handle food. They even have a power chant when they serve your food to add more flavor to it, haha!

While we were eating they even danced and sang for us and to our surprise they pulled Bea, Che (Sam and Vin quickly stood up to hide behind my back) to join their dance.

The kids had a great time and have been asking me to go back there again. It is quite far from where we are so i guess it will have to wait. The food was just ordinary ... but the novelty of the cafe is what you came for and that we got.

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