Saturday, May 28, 2011

We Won

This was the contest mechanics:

  1. Participants may email their family bonding photo on a certain event, holiday, outing or any gathering.
  1. Impact 30% - will be judged on how the photo stands out from the rest of the entries.
  2. Form 20% - wittiness of the one-line explanation of why the participant should win.
  3. Photo Theme 50% - the occasion embodied on the picture is clear.


Got a call a few minutes ago and said ... we won! :)

Our prize ... four movie tickets to a special screening of Kung Fu Panda 2!

We will watch tomorrow at 5:00 pm, Sunday.

Digital Power

This is my current profile picture at facebook ... love the lighting! I actually shifted a few times to get the correct shadow and lighting. This is actually taken with no flash so this is all natural lighting. I have somehow tinkered on mastering outdoor lighting to make me able to shoot perfect pictures inside and outside locations. I just love my digital camera since i can see the shots right away not unlike before when i belonged to the pre-digital stage where i had to finish my roll of film first and have them developed before i can see the shots. Another plus is this time it is not costly since we can print our own pictures using our printers at home ... that's digital power!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Master For A Day

Took the kids to experience a Cosplay Maid Cafe and to be called "masters" for an afternoon. Brought them to Meidolls Cafe in Cainta, Rizal, and this is the very first Maid Cafe in the Philippines. The waitresses wore maid uniforms and would greet you with a smile and song every time they see you. They even put alcogel (hand sanitizer) on everyone before you eat to make sure you are clean to handle food. They even have a power chant when they serve your food to add more flavor to it, haha!

While we were eating they even danced and sang for us and to our surprise they pulled Bea, Che (Sam and Vin quickly stood up to hide behind my back) to join their dance.

The kids had a great time and have been asking me to go back there again. It is quite far from where we are so i guess it will have to wait. The food was just ordinary ... but the novelty of the cafe is what you came for and that we got.

Speed It Up

I love long hair!

But are you wondering why i am sporting pixie hairstyle for almost a year? It was a highlight/rebond treatment that went bad that made me cut my tresses last year. I still have not had the chance to grow it all out. I feel my hair grows so slow or am i just impatient. I am thinking of getting into a hair loss treatment program to have my hair back to its shiny form. I miss brushing my long red colored hair. I sometimes look at my facebook profile pictures with me with my long hair and really wish that i can have that again.

How i wish i could turn back the hands of time and not have my highlights and rebond on the same day. I miss my hair.

Another Win

He did it again!

Mosley is such a great fighter and a gentleman ... but he was no match to Pacquiao's speed and and strength. I remember a lot of stories about Manny when he was just starting out and how we was able to rise from to fame and power. Looking at his pictures you would not think that he would make ut this far. He was not heavily built and lacked muscles needed to sustain the punches, but looking at him now during the weigh-in you get to realize that you can do whatever you want if you put yourself into it. Inspired by that, here i am now reading on some power doses like hemo rage black to help speed up building a better body. I have a lot to show Christian when he gets home .... hahahha, you didn't think it was for me, i want my man lean and mean ... lol!