Monday, April 4, 2011

Fixing Break

I finally had time to sort our cabinet that is so full that i could hardly squeeze in another shirt without crumpling it. And after three hours of trying on what can still fit me i now have half filled shelves to put in my newly washed clothes without crumpling them out o their style.

Speaking of style, i was watching a movie while i was fixing (sure needed some sort of entertainment to complete the orderal .. hahaha) and it was a scene in the hospital where a nurse would come in the room wheeling in a tray that actually had everything on it,found out that was a Howard point of care cart and this tray had a monitor, a keyboard and even a mouse holder. This cool tray actually can save the patient a lot of questions that we are so used to when an intern enters the room and we actually ask ourselves, "did i just not answer these these questios to the past five nurses that came by today?" This way everything is on the monitor at a flick of some keystrokes and not a paper and pen that they always bring around ... maybe they can come up with more personal questions to ask the patient as to how she is feeling to the recently drug administered.

I can't wait to see this stylish and effective rolling trays soon in our own hospitals.

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