Monday, April 18, 2011

Boxing Buffet

Christian is a fan.

Who is not anyway.

Hmmm.. maybe i am one of the rare ones who really do not fancy boxing matches. I actually went to see a live telecast for a Pacquiao match because the tickets was paired with a breakfast and lunch eat-all-you-can buffet and that was my main attraction. I was so full that day that i could hardly move, hahah!

Christian on the other hand had a great time cheering and watching it with the others while i munched away and made several trips to the buffet table. I would not be surprised if i gained a few unwanted pounds for that match alone.

And now here we are again ... another match ... another bout with the buffet table. I am actually considering it. I would have to take some adapexin-p with me to combat my carefree trips to the food station. I wonder if i should go .... maybe this time around i can be a fan ... we'll see. I wonder what will be on the menu as well ... tee hee!

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