Monday, April 18, 2011

Afternoon Flick

Was fixing my clothes cabinet and popped a dvd on my player, watched Bride Wars again after a long time. I actually forgot the scenes and fell in love with the wedding dresses all over again. I just love watching wedding movies, makes me remember how fun it was to prepare for my own wedding. My wedding i remember clearly (not like the movie ... hahaha!) as if it was yesterday and not fourteen years ago ... yes it is that long ago.

I wish i could get married again (with the same man don't get me wrong, lol!) as there are a lot of cool things and nice ideas i have in mind now. I still have to wait for a whole 11 years if i want to have a renewal of vows on our 25th.

By the way, it's our wedding anniversary next month. I will have to settle to plan that for now.

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