Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

They did it!

The royal couple just entered the Buckingham Palace after a beautiful horse drawn carriage procession. It was lovely.

The crowd in England (myself included, here in the house) are all patiently waiting for the new couple to appear and wave from the balcony.

Their wedding was perfect!

Reading Time

As i was reading reviews on hgh supplements for comparison i chanced upon ebooks of my favorite reads. Twilight series! Yup, i am still an Edward, Bella and Jacob fanatic. I was very lucky to download the books for free, yipee!

What makes my reading time more exciting is a got the unfinished copy of Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun which is the exact happening from the first Twilight book only this time the book is being written from Edward's point of view. I was able to read a few pages while i was downloading it and i love it!

I am sure i will be having a lot of girly giggles while i read it. Tee hee!

I can't wait to get hold of my me time to curl up on the sofa and read.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fourteen Years

It's our wedding anniversary next month ... fourteen years!

Sound really long right? But i still remember my wedding day as if it happened just last week. I sure have a lot of memories in my memory vault for these past years and they are all treasured. Christian has been asking me what i would like for this special day ... my usual answer is, "Surprise me ..." hahaha! But if he can only hear my voice inside me it would say, buy gold! Tee hee!

I love gold jewelry .. especially bracelets with tons of cute charms. I sure would like to get identical ones for Bea and Sam so we would all look cute and maybe we can use it as a family bracelet.

I wonder what surprise awaits me on our special day!


At the age of thirteen, Bea received the rites of confirmation. She was confirmed last Sunday at Villa San Miguel Church in Malacanang, the very church where Christian and i were also confirmed before we got married. We both were not confirmed during our school years just like the other people with Bea during this day. Bea was the only young one there to receive confirmation, all the others were doing this for a church requirement before you can get married. Bea's school did not have confirmation that is why i had to look for another place where she can get confirmed. My sister, Loren was her Godmother for this special occasion and Bea could not be happier. I am happy that Bea is growing up to be a very God-loving person, beautiful inside and out.

For Sale


We have a new car!

The plan now is to sell our existing car since we cannot afford to have two cars with the high rising fuel prices. We will be taking photos of our "old" car tomorrow so we can post it on car sites to speed up the selling process. I now have to search for the cheapest auto insurance so we can bundle it up with it for more perks. We will be changing the tires and have it for auto detailing to make it more attractive. I hope we can make the ad really inviting so we can sell the car before school starts.

Back to our new car, the kids love it! Okay, me too ... hahah!

Will get my driver's license renewed next week so i can give the car a whirl.


I just had a lovely chat with my cousin in Canada and we talked about so many things, from seious to trivial matters. I love yahoo messenger .. the topics are endless, and most of all you don't have to worry about toll charges, because there is none. Yey!

I am not much of a skype user since i would have to worry about how i will look on her side of the world, hahaha, don't use the camera in ym as well, just love talking via chat with no image, i am shy. Sure! lol!

So anyway, we talked about how she is doing there and she was raving about her online business degrees that she and her friends have acquired at the comfort of their homes and at their own pace and time. I feel so happy and proud for her that she has accomplished something valuable, education is one of the things i give importance to. I am happy for her. I did say that right? hahaha!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lenten Walk

Our entire family went through the Stations of the Cross walk way at the Fort Bonifacio High Street. These has been our yearly tradition and have been doing it for three years since they started it. My kids really enjoy it especially the activities for every station, they really put their hearts into it. This time around, Vin understood it better and was more into it than the previous years. Can't wait to see them do it again next year when they get another year wiser.

It's A Date

The moment i saw this ad of a Cosplay inspired Maid Cafe i bookmarked it and told Bea and Sam about it. They are both excited to go and try it. I downloaded their menu and the girls and Vin have their orders on paper, hahah!

There is another restaurant i want to bring my kids to, it's called "Robot" restaurant and it boasts of futuristic decors and lighting. I wonder if they too have a remote security installed to complete the modern and high tech ambiance.

I will schedule our food trips within the summer break, will have to talk to Christian (our faithful and futuristic, hehehe, driver) when he can take us. Hoping for the weekend!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Week

Last Sunday, we got our palm leaves "palaspas" blessed by the priest to continue with the celebration of the Palm Sunday. Now that the holy week has started i have been hearing a lot of people talking about their plans for the vacation.

We won't be going out of town this year. We will be having our tradition of visiting churches on Good Friday before three o'clock in the afternoon.

Bea will be receiving her confirmation rites on Sunday morning, Easter Sunday with my sister Loren as her Godmother. I am excited for her!

She will be having it in the same church where Christian and i were confirmed. Sam on the other hand will be confirmed when she is in grade six (around 12 years old) and will be done all together with her classmates.

Vin still has a long way to go ... First Communion for Vin in two years time.

Playtime Comfort

A friend of mine had on her status that she just discovered the mom comforts of McDonald's Play Land." and i can relate with that. I have always encouraged my children to play in playgrounds for many reasons ... one is to move their bodies and not just sit in front of the computer .. second is to regain their balance ... and importantly make use of their people skills. I just love seeing children talk amongst themselves when they are laying down specific rules when they play. Love how they are able to delegate responsibilities as if it was a very hard decision making. I love seeing my kids play with other children and hear their heartfelt laughs. Playing sounds are like music to mother's ears ... bliss.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Looking Back

Seven years ago ....

How time flies really ... all the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years well spent. :)

Seven Now

Some moments from Vin's seventh birthday activities that included school party, swimming, mall time and Time Zone fun!


Got word from my cousin that her husband is doing okay now. Her husband is a seaman and is now recuperating after a major injury. I am happy and relieved that he is better now since he is the sole breadwinner and that my cousin will be devastated if he does not come out of it unscathed. They just got married late last year and are still in the adjustment period when this happened. But prayers do work wonders and i am so thankful that things are turning rosy for them. I will continue praying that he be on his way to recovery fast.

Prayers cannot only move mountain, but seas as well.

Suits Out, Stomach In

Got my bathing suit out of hibernation ... after so long. My kids love to swim and i find time to take them swimming but i do not join them. I am in charge of looking after them, fixing the things and making sure everything is accounted for before we leave the pool. But this time around, the entire family is going to the beach and that means i will swim ... woohoo!

I am now a little apprehensive because of the state of my tummy area (uh oh) and have been looking at different solutions before the big day ... started to read about oxyelite pro side effects before taking the plunge to make sure if it is the right one for me. You can never be careful, and now that everything and anything is available online i don't see any reason why we should not be informed.

I am excited for our beach day ... just a few weeks to go to work it ... hahaha!

Magazine Out

This are the pages of Bea's modeling stint in a magazine. Look at how she has grown ... a pretty lady. I scanned the magazine and posted them on Facebook and tagged her and her classmates who were with her in the photo. I love that now we all have an online place to store our pictures not like before that we always have to constantly make sure that we save everything on cds to make sure we back it up. But we have come to an age where online data backup is now possible! I love this day and age where technology really has gone through so much advancements. I am fortunate to belong to this generation ... no matter how fleeting ... hahaha!

No more lost data from now on!

Hats With Attitude

One of my weaknesses are cool, stylish and Cheap Hats for my kids. They like wearing hats and caps, makes their faces clear by keeping their hair in place. Look at the nice hats they got from my sister, it bore their names on it and my sister even took the effort to ask them their favorite colors. Vin's cap came in black though, because green was not available at the time .. all the same he loved seeing his name written on it.

A perfect way to camouflage a bad hair day is a great looking hat ... and you are ready to face anything.

On The Way

Regine and Ogie tied the knot last December 22 last year and the latest news is ... she is expecting! Yup, she is now five weeks pregnant. I am happy for her, especially that she married late and in her early 40's she is still able to bear a child. Good for her!

I am sure once she delivers it will be the talk of tinseltown, they have to go and scout for the the best backwoods cigars price to pass out in the hospital during the great day.

Regine has begged off from her regular shows to give her complete rest and to keep her pregnancy safe. I am praying that she goes the whole nine months as smooth sailing as she can. I am sure their future bundle of joy will be loved by all!

Awaited Menu

Looked at the site where you can avail of watching Pacquiao with buffet and found their latest update ... the line up of dishes to be served! Yey!

Okay, now i am really thinking of going ... hahah!

Here it is:
Watch Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley duke it out over the WBO Welterweight championship and do it in style. Enjoy the fight while dining on a breakfast buffet! Check out the menu below:

Vegetable Salad Station and Oatmeal
Smoked Bangus (chicharon)
Smoked Tangigue
Smoked Tuna

Pandesal, Danish Ube, Danish Mongo,
Ensaymada, Soft Roll, Cream Cheese Puff,
Assorted Loaf Bread,
Fruit Platter

Garlic Rice, Daing na Bangus
Longanisa, Pork Tocino,
Tapa, Scrambled Egg

Butter, Jams, 2 Kinds of Cereals,
Soya, Fresh Milk

Manny Pacquiao (52-3-2, 38 KOs)
Dubbed as the Fighter of the Decade for the 2000s by the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA), Pacquiao is the first and only boxer to win world titles in eight different weight divisions and the first to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes. Pacquiao is the pound for pound king in the ring and at the box office, selling more live tickets than ever in 2010.

Shane Mosley (46-6-1, 39 KOs)
Mosley has reigned as world champion four times in three different weight divisions, proving himself worthy by serving up defeats to Oscar De La Hoya
(twice), Fernando Vargas (twice), Ricardo Mayorga, Antonio Margarito, John John Molina, Jesse James Leija, hilip HOliday and Luis Callazo. De la Hoya, Holiday and Collazo were the only ones to survive the full 12 rounds to hear what the judges had to say.

Looking at the menu ... it is not a heavy menu so maybe ....

So what do you think? Should i go or ... should i go? Lol!

Boxing Buffet

Christian is a fan.

Who is not anyway.

Hmmm.. maybe i am one of the rare ones who really do not fancy boxing matches. I actually went to see a live telecast for a Pacquiao match because the tickets was paired with a breakfast and lunch eat-all-you-can buffet and that was my main attraction. I was so full that day that i could hardly move, hahah!

Christian on the other hand had a great time cheering and watching it with the others while i munched away and made several trips to the buffet table. I would not be surprised if i gained a few unwanted pounds for that match alone.

And now here we are again ... another match ... another bout with the buffet table. I am actually considering it. I would have to take some adapexin-p with me to combat my carefree trips to the food station. I wonder if i should go .... maybe this time around i can be a fan ... we'll see. I wonder what will be on the menu as well ... tee hee!

Afternoon Flick

Was fixing my clothes cabinet and popped a dvd on my player, watched Bride Wars again after a long time. I actually forgot the scenes and fell in love with the wedding dresses all over again. I just love watching wedding movies, makes me remember how fun it was to prepare for my own wedding. My wedding i remember clearly (not like the movie ... hahaha!) as if it was yesterday and not fourteen years ago ... yes it is that long ago.

I wish i could get married again (with the same man don't get me wrong, lol!) as there are a lot of cool things and nice ideas i have in mind now. I still have to wait for a whole 11 years if i want to have a renewal of vows on our 25th.

By the way, it's our wedding anniversary next month. I will have to settle to plan that for now.

Summer Sights

You cannot deny the fact that it is summer .. you know why?

It's not because of the heat. Not because that many people are planning their vacation to the beach. Not the sprouting of a lot of halo-halo stands. It is the sight of many construction jobs that are beginning since they are taking advantage of the summer heat sans the rain to finish their job.

In our street alone , there are around three excavations that have started last week and was told that they will target the end of the month to finish the road. What a relief, finally we can get level roads before school begins.

I just love summer and i know a lot of people take advantage of this short but sweet time of the year.

Monday, April 4, 2011

No Transfer

It's final.

After serious talks with the hubby.

We ae not moving ... at least for a year.

I was kind of dissapointed since i already had a few houses in mind, but given all the pros and cons of uprooting this time looks like the disadvantages outweighed the advantages.

So here i am knee deep (or neck-deep) in summer cleaning since we will be staying here for another year, might as well get everything as organized a spossible and take advantage of the time while the kids are here to help me.

All good things come to those who *patiently* wait.

Fixing Break

I finally had time to sort our cabinet that is so full that i could hardly squeeze in another shirt without crumpling it. And after three hours of trying on what can still fit me i now have half filled shelves to put in my newly washed clothes without crumpling them out o their style.

Speaking of style, i was watching a movie while i was fixing (sure needed some sort of entertainment to complete the orderal .. hahaha) and it was a scene in the hospital where a nurse would come in the room wheeling in a tray that actually had everything on it,found out that was a Howard point of care cart and this tray had a monitor, a keyboard and even a mouse holder. This cool tray actually can save the patient a lot of questions that we are so used to when an intern enters the room and we actually ask ourselves, "did i just not answer these these questios to the past five nurses that came by today?" This way everything is on the monitor at a flick of some keystrokes and not a paper and pen that they always bring around ... maybe they can come up with more personal questions to ask the patient as to how she is feeling to the recently drug administered.

I can't wait to see this stylish and effective rolling trays soon in our own hospitals.