Monday, March 28, 2011

Summer Is On

Summer is here!

Officially summer has started for us. It's a monday ... and we are home! Yey!

I love summer ... and with it comes the love of cleaning the house and catching up on my laundry. I would love to see the bottom of my hamper empty ... what bliss.

After all the cleaning chores since i have gathered enough dust on my face to last me a lifetime i always head out to get a relaxing facial to get rid of the blackheads on nose and the whiteheads that somehow manage to form after days of dusting. I don't mind getting all dirty since after all of this i will have a skin treat and a clean house.

I will start decluttering our school bags, get the books and put them on shelves where the kids still have access to them.

I have asked Bea and Sam to start this morning with their room ... great to have such good helping hands during these times ... i am no longer alone. Tee hee!

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