Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cabinet Treasures

Finally i have really started summer cleaning ... or decluttering .. heheh!

Found the kids school medals and really remembered how many times i have been proud to grace every recognition day year after year to celebrate the kids accomplishments. When i was in school i did not have this much, okay truth be told i only had a medal for loyalty ... lol!

I am very blessed to have children who love going to school and learning new things this way they are not pressured to get medals but it just comes naturally since they are doing good in school. When i was also looking at the cabinets also saw some military challenge coins, foreign coins that Bea has been collecting and trophies.

I have so many good memories in just one cabinet. I can't wait to unearth (hahah!) the other forgotten cabinets.

I just love cleaning!

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