Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Status Updated

Got a lot of funny comments when Christian listed me as his wife in facebook. Since Christian just joined facebook a few days ago this is the only time he updated his status as "married" and the update in relationship was on my wall. Hahaha!

My friends were having a grand time saying funny things about it. I just love facebook ... really a stress buster especially when you chat with old friends that you thought you have forgotten .. hehe!

Cabinet Treasures

Finally i have really started summer cleaning ... or decluttering .. heheh!

Found the kids school medals and really remembered how many times i have been proud to grace every recognition day year after year to celebrate the kids accomplishments. When i was in school i did not have this much, okay truth be told i only had a medal for loyalty ... lol!

I am very blessed to have children who love going to school and learning new things this way they are not pressured to get medals but it just comes naturally since they are doing good in school. When i was also looking at the cabinets also saw some military challenge coins, foreign coins that Bea has been collecting and trophies.

I have so many good memories in just one cabinet. I can't wait to unearth (hahah!) the other forgotten cabinets.

I just love cleaning!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Summer Is On

Summer is here!

Officially summer has started for us. It's a monday ... and we are home! Yey!

I love summer ... and with it comes the love of cleaning the house and catching up on my laundry. I would love to see the bottom of my hamper empty ... what bliss.

After all the cleaning chores since i have gathered enough dust on my face to last me a lifetime i always head out to get a relaxing facial to get rid of the blackheads on nose and the whiteheads that somehow manage to form after days of dusting. I don't mind getting all dirty since after all of this i will have a skin treat and a clean house.

I will start decluttering our school bags, get the books and put them on shelves where the kids still have access to them.

I have asked Bea and Sam to start this morning with their room ... great to have such good helping hands during these times ... i am no longer alone. Tee hee!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

House Hunting

I really, really want to transfer this summer. We found a great neighborhood and the kids are excited to stay there. The roads are wide and the kids can surely play without the risk of cars coming since it is an exclusive subdivision where cars hardly come in nit unless its the evening and everybody is heading for home. Looked at a few houses and i already have my choice .. so fast! Hahaha! I loved the idea of this house where the laundry area is on the second floor and that the washing machine can be on the same space of the clothesline pin for easy access. The faucets are already installed and a small sink where i can handwash too if i like. I really like it!

Funny though that when you get older , the plus part of a house is the laundry area ... tee hee!

Friday, March 11, 2011

No Panic

I am praying that if an earthquake does strike us i can really be true to my word that i will not panic for the sake of my children. I already talked to them and told them where we will all go once we feel it and we are in the different areas of the house. I told them not to run and we will all be okay as soon as we are all together.

I have to not panic.

I will not.


I have to admit, though i try and fight it ... i am scared.

Scared of earthquakes.

After New Zealand ... now Japan :(

Watching the news now and we are on alert for tsunamis that will enter the Philippines. These are the areas that are on the watchlists.

Several provinces in the Philippines are now under Tsunami Alert Level 1, following a strong earthquake in Northern Japan.
In a bulletin issued by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) these provinces are under watch and must prepare for a possible evacuation:
• Batanes Group of Islands
• Cagayan
• Ilocos Norte
• Isabela
• Quezon
• Aurora
• Camarines Norte
• Camarines Sur
• Albay
• Catanduanes
• Sorsogon
• Northern Samar
• Eastern Samar
• Leyte
• Southern Leyte
• Surigao del Norte
• Surigao del Sur
• Davao Oriental
• Davao del Sur


*This just in .... tsunamis has entered as of this writing. Forced evacuation is ongoing.
Let us all be safe.

Summer Cleaning Very Soon

I am on the lookout for cabinet hardware now that i am getting ready to begin our yearly summer cleaning. With just a few more days of school i am ready to finally keep our things in order. I am planning on donating our old textbooks to a nearby school that can make use of it. I will also check all the clothes of the kids because they have grown reallyfast and there are a lot of shirts and pants that no longer fit, might as well give it to someone who will be able to use it. I love cleaning and keeping our things organized, i just don't have time to really sit down and do this because of my busy schedule in school plus the everyday housework. One of the things i look forward to during summer is diving into summer cleaning with the help of the kids. I love summer!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweet Treat

Bea will be celebrating her thirteenth birthday on March 14 ... i have a full bloom teenager in my hands!

I decided to order these havenly looking cupcakes for Bea to give to her classmates during recess in school.

Bea is not fond of cakes though, but i am sure her classmates will enjoy this sweet treat. I will take pictures of the other flavore when i pick it up on the 13th.

Sweet and yummy!

Ending Soon

I can't believe it the school year is almost over.

In just one month we will be saying goodbye to the kid's school for five years as we move on to another school for Bea's high school level. I was reminded of my friend who i saw last month when she said her daughter is now entering college and is thinking of being a doctor and they have been looking at a alot of potential schools and even med schools for possible entry levels. It was just a few years ago when her daughter was just interested in playing Barbie dolls and now medicine. Whoa! Time sure flies!

I have always wondered what my kids would like when they grow up ... having a doctor in the family would be great though ... wishful thinking. Hahhaha!

Safety First

My kids have been frequenting the park almost every weekend to play soccer and volleyball. The park is a cool 15 minute walk from our place but we have to pass by a busy main street first before we get in the vicinity of the residential areas where there are not much cars passing. I have taught my children to be wary of cars and even bikes that pass by not only from the ones behind us but also the ones on the other side of the street. I have stressed on them the importance of reading and observing the safety signs that are all over the main road to make sure that they will always be in check. I have always believed that safety should always be first.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quiet Rain

It rained today (is still raining actually) and it is quite a welcome respite for the dry and humid wind we have been experiencing since late February signalling that summer has really begun. There is actually many advantages for this afternoon pouring. First because of the cool temperature, secondly for the plants and third for the temporary stop construction of our road since the workers will get wet they had to stop, meaning drilling has also ceased ... yey!

Just heard on the news that the rain will not last and will be gone in a few hours ... so i am savoring the peace and quiet before the construction workers come back to resume the night drillings that keep me up at night till the wee hours of the morning. I wonder how they were able to secure a permit to work that late on a residential area.

Leaves me clueless.

Safari Theme

My latest design is for a safari themed party and this is for a one year old little boy. I am making him a backdrop with fun jungle animals and insert his picture with a lion plushie. I was actually tinkering on the idea of putting his party details inside a mock rifle scope so it would look like it was the target ... target date for the fun party. Whatdoyouthink?

Another idea is to have some jumgle animals lined up and his picture on top of them or birthday greeting on top each animal. I really take time to think of what to make after all parties, especially first year parties are very special and you really want to make it as memorable as possible. I feel the first year starts your party days that will last you for a very long time. Here's to celebrating life ... together with friends and relatives on your special day!