Friday, February 4, 2011


I asked Bea what does she like to be when she grows up. She looked at me with much innocence and said. "I don't know Mama ..." Not wanting to pressure her i asked Sam and Vin as well. Both gave random answers from singer to "i just want to be me" .. hahahha!

My kids have not really showed any interest in any field at this time. I secretly want one of them to be a doctor, tee hee! But of course it has to come from them. I don't want to feed them information that that is my preference because they might be influenced and that uis something i do not want to happen. I looked at the classified ads last weekend and saw that there are a lot of openings in the hotel and restaurant field, finance jobs and the ever so popular call center agents. I wonder what they will be when they grow up and become professionals. My only requirement is that i hope they be someone they really want to be so they will be fulfilled and accomplished.

I pray that when the time comes they will know it from their heart.

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