Friday, February 25, 2011


Our road in under construction and we cannot park our car in front of our house because they have dug the entire portion and plans to apply new cement to finally get rid of the cracks and uneven road. Much as i welcome the construction i will have to say that i have lost tons of sleep because of the endless drilling until 4:00 am! I can't believe they actually have people working at that hour. Went i went out i had to ask one of the workers and he said that they come in three shifts (oh brother!) and h said with this set-upthey can really speed up their work. fter hearing that, i felt relieved that maybe the worst is almost over and finally i might be able to get some decent shut-eye. One of the reasons now that makes me more driven not to miss my one a day vitamin supplements to give me all the needed strength (hahaha) i need to go through the day. I really hope they finish really fast ... as in really fast!

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