Friday, February 25, 2011

Bag Girl

I forgot to mention that i have to carry the bags of the three kids, who by the way i think weighs more than me. Since the road is under construction they cannot wheel their rolling bags so i have to carry them and make my way through the very limited (minute actually) strip of sidewalk and get home. After all this is done i feel i can give the trapeeze performers a run for their money. Vin's stroller is heavy but tolerable, it's the girls stroller bags that makes coming homea major feat.I don't think if this will go on for a week i might not go reaching out for my weight loss pills as this is truly a strenous workout in itself. They have different dismissals by the way, makes me go down and pick them up three times in a day. In the morning it is Christian who is carrying the girls bags while i take care of Vin's bag.

I really wish the road construction miraculously finish fast!

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