Friday, February 25, 2011

Seat Sale


Been waiting for this and finally ... i can't book to any destination i like. Everything is sold out.

Try your luck, you might get lucky and book cheap vacation.

Log in to Cebu Pacific's website. Goodluck!

Winners Two

Here are the winners for the quiz bee. Sam and Bea made it ... yey! Winners too and winners two! So proud of my two girls!

Bea won last year and this is the first time Sam joined the quiz bee and she won. The quiz bee was for the upper grades, grades four, five and six.

So happy for my girls!


Inspite of my being forty (hehehe!) i can't believe i still have occasional pimples on my face. Just when i thought i am way over it and will be thinking of menopause this happens. I am back to complexion woes together with myb tweeners. The only saving grace here in this scenario is because of experiemce (hehehe!) i already have an upperhand because i already know the best acne products to use. After all the years of trial and error i have finally know which actually work and those that do not. My kids are spared from experimenting on different products. So i guess, it is just alright that i do get a few blemished here and now. I also have to watch my diet and sleep hours. I have to show Bea and Sam that i do practice what i preach.

Winners All

Bea won 2nd place in the portrait drawing contest!

The kids really worked hard to make their portraits come out nice. I am so proud of all of them. For me they are all winners!


I am frantic ... i am in a travel emergency ... meaning "I want to travel!" Lol!

Kidding aside, i am really desperate on booking a great vacation for our family this summer. I really want to have fun this summer and travel. I have been frequenting sites and have bookmarked quie a few of great promo deals and the problem now is which one to take. I like them all!

I really wish summer is not that fast plus that travelling is not that expensive . Hindrances ... hindrances ... hahaha!

I have to make up my mind and fast, summer is approaching and i really want this summer to be memorable for the kids after all the hardwork they have put into school for one entire year. They deserve a cool summer, so the pressure is on me.

In Action

Took pictures of Bea and Sam while they were doing their charcoal impersonation of Francis Possenti. For first timers i have to say they are really good. I am not biased ... defensive? Lol!

Look at them and see if what i say holds water. My kids are good! Tee hee!

Gym Talk

I was waiting in line at a drugstore when i was caught in on the conversation of two muscled men behind me. They looked that they just came from the gym still donning their sweats and i remembered the nearby gym a few floors up from thhis drugstore. I heard them talk about their best workout routine and how long they warm up before really hitting the weights. They were actually swapping success stories from the best time to work out, food to eat and best creatine powder to maximize their workout. I have mentioned to Christian a few times on how i would like to see him muscled and all ... pressure him is the word, hahaha!

I wonder, will i ever see Christian all muscled up in this lifetime?

Nothing is impossible .... someday.

Feast Day

We celebrated the feast day of Francis Possenti yesterday in school and the kids enjoyed all the activities. We had quiz bee contests, poster making contests, portrait drawing contest and even parlour games for everyone to join in. We had a lot of food since all the kids were requested to bring some food to share and there were a lot of food for everybody to come back for seconds. I remembered the nice storage things i saw at and how it would have come in handy yesterday. We had a lot of food and the kids themselves were the ones giving up. They played a few ganes and would come back to the buffet table to replenish themseves and off they went again to play.

The activity was a success and we were able to make memorable for the kids especially that the school year is almost over.

One more month to go before summer vacation.

Pillow Talk

We girls have a lot to talk about when we are amongst ourselves. You know it if you are a girl .. sneaky laugh come to mind ... tee hee. I have had the most amusing and interactive conversation with women who are far more older than me and when we talk about things that may make other girls blush and yet when it is coming from them it is but a natural topic. The tidbits ont he latest on breast implants, liposuction, face lifts and even male enhancement, buttocks implants and the like. I like these conversations, i learn a lot and am not embarrased to ask questions since they are somewhat waiting for me to ask and believe me they do answer things in detail which makes it interesting.

The 'knowledge' that i gain from my older women friends are usually shared to my friends of my same age, hahaha!

And the learning contines on.


Three birthdays!

Three birthdays are coming uo this March. March 1 is my mama's birthday that we will celebrate for a few days starting this Saturday with an afternoon swimming time for thr kids, hear mass together and dinner with the entire Avellana family. March 14 is Bea's 13th birthday ... i will have a teenager and Vin on the 18th will turn 7!

Three happy celebrations to look forward to!

Bag Girl

I forgot to mention that i have to carry the bags of the three kids, who by the way i think weighs more than me. Since the road is under construction they cannot wheel their rolling bags so i have to carry them and make my way through the very limited (minute actually) strip of sidewalk and get home. After all this is done i feel i can give the trapeeze performers a run for their money. Vin's stroller is heavy but tolerable, it's the girls stroller bags that makes coming homea major feat.I don't think if this will go on for a week i might not go reaching out for my weight loss pills as this is truly a strenous workout in itself. They have different dismissals by the way, makes me go down and pick them up three times in a day. In the morning it is Christian who is carrying the girls bags while i take care of Vin's bag.

I really wish the road construction miraculously finish fast!


Our road in under construction and we cannot park our car in front of our house because they have dug the entire portion and plans to apply new cement to finally get rid of the cracks and uneven road. Much as i welcome the construction i will have to say that i have lost tons of sleep because of the endless drilling until 4:00 am! I can't believe they actually have people working at that hour. Went i went out i had to ask one of the workers and he said that they come in three shifts (oh brother!) and h said with this set-upthey can really speed up their work. fter hearing that, i felt relieved that maybe the worst is almost over and finally i might be able to get some decent shut-eye. One of the reasons now that makes me more driven not to miss my one a day vitamin supplements to give me all the needed strength (hahaha) i need to go through the day. I really hope they finish really fast ... as in really fast!

Facebook Poke

I have a lot of printing orders now, and as much as i want to accomodate them i cannot since my printer conked out on me last month. I have been scouting for reliable epson printers from my frined who can give me the advantages and disadvantages on what model is best suited for me. But until now he has not contacted me, and it has been more than a week since he pwomised to email me the specs. I really have to get me one before mid March where a lot of printing is to be done. I really feel bad that i have to resort to sourcing out my printing jobs. I hope he emails me this week ... am thinking of poking him at facebook, hehehe, so maybe he will remember his long standing promise. I will do that now.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Second To The Last

I gave exams today to my students and am suprised that this is actually the second to the last test i will be giving this school year. Yey!

Time really is fast when you are having fun, becasue i did and am still having fun teaching everyday. It is hardwork, just thinking on how you can make your lessons interesting enough for the kids to stay alert and participate in the discussion. But yes, it is fulfilling.

I am blessed to have had a chance to teach this year. It is truly a great experience for me.

Little Big Boy

For the first time, Vin has started using the little men's room on his own. He suddenly said when we were going to the bathroom in a mall that he would rather go to the male bathroom than let me accompany him to the girl's bathroom. I was suprised and when i saw his mischievous smile i can't help but think if the reason why he want to go on his own is because he is going to play with the soap dispensers , which is one of his favorite things to do while waiting for me. I asked him and he said, "No mama, i really just want to go on my own".

So proud of my little boy ... he will be in grade one next school year ... so fast.

Friday, February 4, 2011


One word.


Knocked me down.

I am familiar with vertigo since my mama has it from time to time. I know that she can hardly open her eyes because the entire place is spinning fast. She even stay in bed for two days straight and can't keep her food down because of the dizziness.

I now know vertigo well ... i had it!

I could not believe that it can strike me suddenly. It kept me on my back for three days. I had to be absent in school and Christian had to be absent as well to take care of the kids and me. It was horrible. It was such an ordeal.

I researched about it and it said it was due to an imbalanced in the ears, something to do with my hearing. I wonder what triggered the vertigo when i don't feel anything different even with my hearing. Makes me really wonder. The only thing i am sure of is i don't want it to happen again.


I asked Bea what does she like to be when she grows up. She looked at me with much innocence and said. "I don't know Mama ..." Not wanting to pressure her i asked Sam and Vin as well. Both gave random answers from singer to "i just want to be me" .. hahahha!

My kids have not really showed any interest in any field at this time. I secretly want one of them to be a doctor, tee hee! But of course it has to come from them. I don't want to feed them information that that is my preference because they might be influenced and that uis something i do not want to happen. I looked at the classified ads last weekend and saw that there are a lot of openings in the hotel and restaurant field, finance jobs and the ever so popular call center agents. I wonder what they will be when they grow up and become professionals. My only requirement is that i hope they be someone they really want to be so they will be fulfilled and accomplished.

I pray that when the time comes they will know it from their heart.