Friday, January 14, 2011


I have been experiencing insomia these past three days and whats worse is i wake up late in the morning. My mornings are frenzy these past days because i wake up with just a little time to be able to prepare the kids for school and have time to dress up myself for my classes. I will be needing the help of sleep aids to ensure that i don't have my manic monday again next week. This morning i even had a dream that the alarm clock was ringing even it was already unplugged. In my dream i was really wondering how it was possible as i was holding the other end of the plug then i woke up when Christian moved and heard the alwarm clock bell ring louder, that jolted me from my sleep and i pressed the snooze button and was up in an instant. I did not have time to prepare the kid's lunch so i went home around lunch time and cooked lunch and brought them back to school. Whew.

I really need to get some sleep pretty soon. I don't think i can take any more frantic mornings like that again.

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