Friday, January 14, 2011

Coming Woe

My co teacher went to my classroom this morning and told me and she really looked suprised, "Bea has a pimple?" Yup, i said. At 12 years old she has been getting one or two bumps and has been becoming quite frequent. I started her with a gentle face wash in the morning and before going to bed and will proceed with a natural acne treatment for her young skin as i don't want anything harsh to ruin her complexion even more. In the market today there are a lot of hype on instant makeovers and i really don't believe in that and would like to do it as natural and as gentle as i can. I wish Bea will not experience the same skin woes i had when i was growing up. I remember trying just about anything without consulting a dermatologist and that is one of the factors that made my complexion worse. I know we can battle this skin dilemna if i go natural.

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