Friday, January 21, 2011


We just finished our third quarter exams and as i looked at our school calendar the next exam willbe just in a month. We will be finishing up by March 17 and believe me that time flies so fast. Next week will be our Science week and there will be booths to showcase the children's projects for display. The week after that will be our Job Fair day where we will be inviting top employers to orient us with the available jobs there is when they graduate. There will be from the hotel industry, medicine career and health care careers who is slowly gaining ground and is proving to be a promising path to take. I wonder what Bea will choose. She is inclined with the arts and is showing great skill in drawing, and she is thinking of becoming an animator in the future. I have no preference for her, as long as she likes and enjoys doing it she will excell in it and that is whats important.

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