Monday, January 3, 2011

Back To School


After more than 20 days of vacation, we are going back to school tomorrow. All my kids are excited and have been saying how much they miss their classmates. But this morning when Bea woke up she had a bad stomachache and as soon as she had breakfast she went straight to the bathroom to throw up. I reviewed what she ate last night to trace what could have created the stomach disturbance. I gave her Ercefuryl for the stomach flu and paracetamol for her headache. I massaged her tummy and lay down with her and telling her stories. I would stop once in a while and ask her if her stomach was still painful, she would say "just a little bit Mama."

I told her to take a short nap while i stoked her hair and in just a few minutes she was sleeping. I went out of the room and continued my chores. In about an hour, Bea was up and had no sign of stomachache. Thank God.

God is truly good.

So school starts tomorrow ... as planned.

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