Friday, January 21, 2011


So proud of Sam and Vin!

They took the entrance test to a school where Bea will be transferring since she will be highschool next school year and my two kiddies passed the exam and the interview with flying colors. The principal for the gradeschool department only had good words for Sam and Vin when she called me in after she interviewed them. So proud of them.

I still have to wait for the 29th to get the results of Bea's exam. I know she too will pass. So proud of my three kids and excited for them as they embark on a new adventure next school year.


My sisters and i are brainstorming for our parents wedding anniversay. They will be marking their 45th year! Whew. What a feat. We are very lucky that are parents still have the same kind of love they have had when they first started their journey as a couple. We are thinking of having them renew their vows on their anniversary in the same church they got married in. We are scouting for a nice place to have the reception and have been going through their old pictures so we can make an avp to be shown on while he guests are eating. For souveniers we are having a variety of choices from small figurines to cao cigars way to a cd compilation of their favorite songs. We are all excited especially that this will be a surprise for them. Sibling power in action!


We just finished our third quarter exams and as i looked at our school calendar the next exam willbe just in a month. We will be finishing up by March 17 and believe me that time flies so fast. Next week will be our Science week and there will be booths to showcase the children's projects for display. The week after that will be our Job Fair day where we will be inviting top employers to orient us with the available jobs there is when they graduate. There will be from the hotel industry, medicine career and health care careers who is slowly gaining ground and is proving to be a promising path to take. I wonder what Bea will choose. She is inclined with the arts and is showing great skill in drawing, and she is thinking of becoming an animator in the future. I have no preference for her, as long as she likes and enjoys doing it she will excell in it and that is whats important.

Friday, January 14, 2011


I am on the search for ebooks. I really want to complete the twilight series and leisurely read it on my computer. I suceesfully downloaded the first installment of the four series but have not having enough luck with the other three. I am hoping to be able to download them completely really soon. I love reading them!

Do you know a good site where i can download them?


I have been experiencing insomia these past three days and whats worse is i wake up late in the morning. My mornings are frenzy these past days because i wake up with just a little time to be able to prepare the kids for school and have time to dress up myself for my classes. I will be needing the help of sleep aids to ensure that i don't have my manic monday again next week. This morning i even had a dream that the alarm clock was ringing even it was already unplugged. In my dream i was really wondering how it was possible as i was holding the other end of the plug then i woke up when Christian moved and heard the alwarm clock bell ring louder, that jolted me from my sleep and i pressed the snooze button and was up in an instant. I did not have time to prepare the kid's lunch so i went home around lunch time and cooked lunch and brought them back to school. Whew.

I really need to get some sleep pretty soon. I don't think i can take any more frantic mornings like that again.

Coming Woe

My co teacher went to my classroom this morning and told me and she really looked suprised, "Bea has a pimple?" Yup, i said. At 12 years old she has been getting one or two bumps and has been becoming quite frequent. I started her with a gentle face wash in the morning and before going to bed and will proceed with a natural acne treatment for her young skin as i don't want anything harsh to ruin her complexion even more. In the market today there are a lot of hype on instant makeovers and i really don't believe in that and would like to do it as natural and as gentle as i can. I wish Bea will not experience the same skin woes i had when i was growing up. I remember trying just about anything without consulting a dermatologist and that is one of the factors that made my complexion worse. I know we can battle this skin dilemna if i go natural.

Not Just Ipads

China is not just riding on the popularity of Apple Ipads by creating a much cheaper version, the Apads ... but has joined the commotion of the British engagement by copying their engangement ring. And not only is it selling like pancakes but people are even clamoring for more so mass production is being made. I wonder what the British Royal Family thinks about this.

In Touch

I am always on the go and i really love the idea that i can always stay in touch with my friends through facebook with my ever dependable iphone. Vin has been getting hooked on it as well with all the game downloads he can ever imagine from the app store. I am thinking of getting an itouch for him so my phone would be finally free and won't be under any risk of having my messages deleted by my little playful boy. I love the versatility of my phone, i cannot imagine how i was able to get by before without it. I love this day and age that everything is possible and suprisingly comes in small and convenient packages.


Was at the mall the other day and spotted the latest Canon camera on the camera store's window and boy was it cool! I now know where to steer Christian the next time we go to the mall anytime soon. Taking pictures of my kids are really not just pictures for me but memories that i am able to capture for them to see even when they are all grown up. I remember having loads of negatives from my childhood unlike now that everything are stored in compact discs and easy to carry around and show to friends and family using the computer and even the televesion. I wonder how many more sleeps before i have the sought after camera in my hands, tee hee!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011

My family decided to stay in a hotel and spend New Year's Eve and admire the fireworks in our balcony overlooking Manila Bay. The lighted boats were very beautiful too and as the colorful lights made their entrance in the black sky, everyone cheered with excitement. The kids had a great time with our very own countdown complete with loud horns.

Happy New Year!

Back To School


After more than 20 days of vacation, we are going back to school tomorrow. All my kids are excited and have been saying how much they miss their classmates. But this morning when Bea woke up she had a bad stomachache and as soon as she had breakfast she went straight to the bathroom to throw up. I reviewed what she ate last night to trace what could have created the stomach disturbance. I gave her Ercefuryl for the stomach flu and paracetamol for her headache. I massaged her tummy and lay down with her and telling her stories. I would stop once in a while and ask her if her stomach was still painful, she would say "just a little bit Mama."

I told her to take a short nap while i stoked her hair and in just a few minutes she was sleeping. I went out of the room and continued my chores. In about an hour, Bea was up and had no sign of stomachache. Thank God.

God is truly good.

So school starts tomorrow ... as planned.

Happy New Year


Another year!

Ready for more new challenges, new beginnings and new conquests. I always loved new years. This is a time to start again if i feel i have been sidetracked in any way. I am big on resolutions and have always tried to keep to my promises to myself. I am looking forward to this year, i have a strong feeling this will be a great year. In my photo design business i am thinking of branching out and accept negative scanning and saving on cds and dvds. I would be my number one customer having a lot of negative film before the age of digital photography came. So i know it will be a good addition. I am looking for a reliable and complete document scanning software to take care of the requirements when it comes to papers and certificates. Thsi year i may be able to service just about any requirement when it comes to scanning, not just for pictures, negatives and also documents.

Bring it on, 2011!