Tuesday, December 20, 2011


If you have anything to share for the victims of Typhoon Sendong, who at this writing has claimed 947 lives and 49 missing. This is just too much.

I was just telling Christian that one person (or just one number) from the total lives lost is already a major impact to one family, so i cannot imagine the anguish everyone is feeling there.


The only thing we can do to help is to pray for them, for the lost lives and for the survivors that they can stand up from this nightmare. If you have any donations in cash or in kind there are now ways to send them with no cost at your part. Air 21 and LBC courier service has announced that they will deliver your donations free of charge to the victims of Sendong. This is great way to help, and i commend these two comapnies.

Another is Shell gas, it has announced a price increase today but said that prices in the south area will remain unchanged to help our bothers in Cagayan de Oro in their own way.

Here is LBC's announcement on facebook.

Help On The Way

I marvel at how we go out and try and help each other, casting away everything we have planned weeks before if a tragedy hits. A lot of people volunteered to go to Cagayan de Oro and help in any way they can. I heard the news of sending air ambulance service for the affected people that cannot be reached by land and even on boats because of the difficult path.

No matter if sometimes we do not agree politically, religiously or our views are different from each other, all that is set aside and we all join our hands to help each other in this time of crisis.

I am proud to be a Filipino, and how we help each other in any little way we can.


Just heard the news update today on the aftermath of typhoon Sendong .... it is so disheartening.

I cannot imagine the pain my fellowmen are feeling right now while i sit comfortably in our house in front of my laptop ... boy, am i so blessed ... and yet i still have the nerve to feel sad sometimes during the day.

I do not deserve to be sad ... i have been so blessed with even the simplest things. The mere fact that He gives me a chance to live for one more day is already a big blessing that we do not appreciate and take for granted.

We have the gift of life ... let us be happy and be thankful ... for He is good.

Wishing you all a Merry, Happy and Blessed Christmas!


My sister called me yesterday and told me their plans to transfer to the condominium in front of their house while they have there ground floor renovated. They were able to ask the administration of the condo to let them stay for two months while construction in their house is going on.

I will be accompany my sister this afternoon to look at basement floor tiles, marble tiles and wall tiles that they will be using next week. She is an interior designer but was not able to practice professionally, but i know she will effortlessly choose the best kinds to make their renovation a success.

Wish we could renovate our house as well ... but we have to get our own house first, lol!


I can hardly feel the Christmas spirit and still faced with the reality that Christmas is coming in just five days. I started Christmas shopping only yesterday, and it was exhausting.

This is the first year we will be having Christmas without my papa .... it is going to be a totally different one.

I hope i find my Christmas spirit really soon, for the kids sake.

Techie Upgrade

Finally, after constant hints with the hubby that i need a scanner for my books that i use in my teaching class, he said, "Yes!"

I was so excited that i scoured the internet for a good scanner and found out there are actually a lot of things to consider in buying one. There are specifications to consider, i have to check my laptop if it can accommodate such scanner. I have looked at a few scanner software to see if they offer the features that i specifically need. I just need something that can effortlessly scan pages of my book and convert them to pdf files. Scan old photographs to make them digital because most of my pictures from way way back are the ones that had negatives.

I recently found out that there are actually negative scanners that converts your negatives into jpeg files, i want one! Heheheh!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


December is really hear ... Christmas!!!

I can still remember last Christmas all so clear, and now another one is fast approaching. I have to admit the Christmas season has not yet kicked in for me especially that this will be our first Christmas without my papa.

It is going to be very different. I pray that we all find the strength we need to get by this supposed joyous event. It will be hard, since we miss him so much.

What If

Got my complimentary morning newspaper from Jollibee again, love it when i get to read the news and makes it more sweeter because its free. Tee hee!

One of the section i like looking at aside from the Lifestyle section are the classified section, i always imagine myself scouting for a job and search for hotel and Lodging Jobs available. When i spot a nice one i imagine myself going through the interview process. Sometimes i think about what would have happened if i did pursue my career in the hotel and restaurant business instead of deciding to be a stay at home mom.

I would not replace my being at home with the kids for anything, i just imagine for fun, lol!


I have to have a lot of things done before the year ends, so i actually made out a long list o the things to do. I have a lot of loose ends that needs to be finalized this month to ensure a good 2012. The list covers everything, even to schedule the yearly cleaning  that we do every December so when January comes it is clean and sparkly. In between the list of things are the much needed dentist appointments for the kids oral prophylaxis.I am just in a fix so as to when to schedule it, before or after the parties. I have yet to sit down and think about this. Will update you as soon as i have made the appointment to really get the final date.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Bea has a lot of assignments that require searching the internet for the needed information. I wonder how would the homework be able to finish if not for the mighty help of the internet. You can really check on anything you may think of, i recently was looking at military challenge coins and was really surprised to know more about it in less than five minutes in front of the computer.

Last night's hot search was about the Advent wreath, what it is and what the color of the candles mean,

I just heart the internet!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Scary No More

Look at the happy faces of my kiddies while visiting their grandmother's grave (Christian's mama who passed away more than 20 years ago) they never met her but i would tell them stories about her, the ones Christian would share with me. They say Sam looks like his mom and Sam is really is interested to see pictures of her grandmother to see for herself.

The trip to the cemetery was a pleasant one as there was not much people yet and it was not so sunny so it was not that hot. We parked the car a few meters from the cemetery and had a quick lunch before we walked all the way.

The kids had a good experience because we prayed over there, lit some candles and offered flowers and prayers.


Now that Halloween is almost over, what comes next??

One of my favorite time of the year ...Christmas!

I was at the mall this morning and was greeted by the oh so familiar Christmas tunes, the glass window displays were decked with tress and colorful lights and of course the card racks were laden with holiday cards instead of the usual birthday cards.

Christmas is in the air ... i can already smell it!

I wonder who will gift me a fruit cake this year, this is my favorite treat and no one in the family likes it but me .. all for me.

Cemetery Goods

This is the first time the kids won't be doing their annual trick or treat event, instead we went and visited Christian's mama at the cemetery a few days before All Soul's Day to beat the traffic and the crowd.

I was so surprised to see that inside the cemetery there are a lot of food stalls and kiosks that sell different things and with them around you hardly feel scared being surrounded by the dead, lol!

There even was a stall there that was selling different kinds of wigs and they were tapping the halloween market.

People can really be enterprising, lol!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ahoy There

The kids enjoyed the cruise! It is their first time to ride a boat and i am so happy that no one complained of dizziness or was sea sick. They had a great time, and so did we. The food was suprisingly good, i had no expectations for it because all i really wanted was for the kids to experience the sunset while sailing, so being served good food really is a icing on the cake.

Bea and Sam took turns taking pictures of the breathtaking sunset and the lovely view. Vin had a great time pointing at jumping fishes.

We actually had to wait for a month to get this scheduled date because i really wanted the upper deck section and when i called to reserve it was already fully booked and all that was available was the lower deck seats, so i patiently waited for the upper deck availability which took more than a month from my reservation.

It was really worth the wait.

We will surely make this a regular weekend thing and next time i will let the girls bring their own cameras so they can capture anything they like.

Loved it!

Big Day

It is coming ... the special day of my brother is in a month, and i am still thinking on what to give him. He actually has everything and finding something he will really use is leaving me bonkers. I tinkering on getting personal birthday gifts for him that i am sure he would love to keep. He will start on a new job next week and i am quite sure he would love to get something that is personal that he would like to place on his table or office wall. I am getting pretty excited just thinking of the possibilities of a present for him. Funny, but when i started writing this i was a bit clueless but as i was typing and thinking it suddenly became crystal clear. Yey!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


We are going on a dinner cruise on Sunday!

I booked five tickets for us last month and had our cruise scheduled on the 23rd. The girl i spoke to said the cruise would last for an hour and a half of smooth sailing and i was able to book us on the top deck so the kids can enjoy the salty air. I also asked her what the best sailing time would be if we want to catch the sunset, she said 4:30 pm is the best, so 4:30 it is. We have to be there by 4:00 to secure our table. I really hope the kids enjoy this experience, this being their first boat ride.

Swimming Sideline

My kids just love to swim ... i wonder why suddenly i have lost the penchant on swimming. I used to like to swim, but since i started having kids i was no longer keen on going swimming. I sometimes think is it because i am more prone to feeling cold than when i was younger, then that could easily be solved by installing a rheem heat pump to ensure the right temperature for me. I also think is it because this time around i have to lug more towels, shampoo, soap and wet bathing suits after i shower them after the swim. I think i am more inclined to think it is because of the latter ... lol!

I think i would rather just sit by the shade and wait for them to finish so i can shower them without thinking of showering myself. Mommy duties really can take a toll even with one of your favorite childhood activity ... now i enjoy swimming more when i see my children smile and laugh while they swim.


Loved the colors in their school. I attended their First Friday mass for the first time and i was almost teary eyed when they sang a song complete with hand actions, it was beautiful.


Bea and Sam's school registrar requested for the original copy of the girl's past school years transcript of records. The principal from their old school showed it to me and i thought it would be nice if i had a copy of it to document their grades in grade school. I am looking for shop that does document imaging so i can have it scanned and saved on a flash drive.

I will go ask tonight from the nearby internet cafe if they have one, if not i will have to go the mall tomorrow morning before Bea hands it over to her registrar.

Looking at their grades from grade one to the present shows how good and consistent students they were. They were really good so it was no surprised that Bea graduated top of her batch and got the valedictorian medal.

I hope these good grades continue till high school and college, keeping my fingers crossed.

Techie Request

My sister will be going to Japan for a convention and she asked me if i wanted something. I thought really fast and the first thing that came to my head was to ask for somel ipod nano headphones that was big in Japan. She quickly said yes and just asked for a particular color i wanted, i said any dark colored headphone would do, not really too picky, especially if its for free .. tee hee!

She will be leaving in three days and be back after two days ... so five days to wait for my request, so excited!

Monday, October 10, 2011


I am now half-way done with my tests.

Exams are scheduled on the 20th ... but i am half way done as early as now. Yey!

I am challenging myself to finish everything this week .... can i do it!

Let's see ...


I am celebrating!

It's my 1000th post!

I cannot believe that time has flown ... i was reading through my old posts and it was like feeling everything all over again. I marvel at the thought that i can document just about anything, an online diary complete with pictures and even comments from my readers.

I just love how the internet has evolved, knowing that everything you want to know about are all available with just a few strokes on the keyboard.

I am presently looking for images to use for my Science tests for the grade 1 and 2. And while a window is open i still have a couple open windows like my query about stell drum from drumsofsteel.com and Bea's research on parasites. I love my ability to multi-task without any effort.

I will celebrate again when i reach my 2000th post ... excited to fill the blog once again with a lot of memories, happenings and activities.

Friday, September 30, 2011


These are the before and after images at Roxas Boulevard.

The swimming pool area and Spirals Restaurant at Hotel Sofitel. Looking at it especially the one of Spiral's looked like looking at Titanic pictures, thay looked dreary and eerie at the same time.

Another storm is on the way this weekend ... i hope it does not do as much damage.

Take care everyone.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Vin will be having his first camping trip next month!

I am so excited for him!

Christian will be joining a camping reunion and they are inviting the member's kids to join in the fun too, so Vin is really looking forward to this. Christian has been telling Vin stories of what it was like to go camping and actually roughing it up. He told him how he pitched his own tent, cook using firewood and cutting trees with his utility knife and actually sleeping in the dark. The last part was not Vin's favorite ... hahaha!

I wonder how he will react knowing that they are not allowed to bring any electrical gadgets like gameboys, psp and laptops ... tee hee!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Vin has been going to my school after his class for three days now, and i read on his diary that he will have shortened schedule again tomorrow. His usual class is from 7:00am to 2:00pm, but now that they have their intramurals he is having shortened schedule from 7:00am till 10:00 am ... and that means i am still in my school teaching .... so there is no choice but for him to stay with me and wait till i finish my classes.

My students just love itwhen Vin is joining their class, but of course that does not give them a go signal to make noise ... hahaha ... business is business. Tee hee!

Love it

I was going through sports shop to look for cool stuff for Christian's bowling tournament that will start next month and saw the large selection of bowling balls. It had such good style and is versatile to wear by just anyone, i know Christian would look dashing in them.I was able to buy shoes though, with a written agreement from the manager that if the size does not fit Christian they would happily change it to the size we need, and even change of style if he does not like what i chose for him .. i doubt it though, we usually have the same taste in everything.I have yet to see what to give Sam for her birthday ... but i know i won't find it in a sports shop ... an anime shop maybe .. hahahha!

Internet Cafe

A client of mine from the US texted me that she needed an impromptu invitation. She has been a long time client of mine so i had to heed her distress call, turns out she found out her sister's supplier suddenly went awol so she thought of me to make her sister one ... but the catch is the party is on one week! I was at the mall at the time she texted since i was looking for a gift for Sam's eleventh birthday .... i quickly snuck into an internet cafe and got myself a computer in no time. The area where the gaming computers were was full, good thing there was a section for those who will just surf and not join the online games, so i was able to get a seat without having to wait. I finished her invite in less than 20 mins and we chatted about it, so i was able to send her the final ready for printing file within the hour.

I just love how the internet connects you real time :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


It's Mama Mary's feastday!

Our school celebrated it by hearing mass this morning and listening to a beautiful homily. I always feel good whenever i hear a nice homily and i come out of the mass feeling refreshed and enlightened.

Happy Birthday Mama Mary!

Water Woes

Our water bill skyrocketed.

I thought it was because of the numerous times the kids take a shower because of the heat, but after looking at our water tank on the rooftop ... i discovered a leak. Uh-oh.

I then thought of all the wasted water that has been happening and i was not even aware of it. I was always monitoring our electric consumption and took for granted our water usage since i know it was always minimal. Christian said we have to buy a lever since that is where the leak started then a pipe that connects to the water pump.

I will be looking at various kinds tomorrow to fix this, searched the net for some items and saw a lot of plastic hoses and braided metal hose, since i am thumbs when it comes to these i will have to ask Christian about it and i will buy them over the weekend. I really feel bad for all the wasted water especially since the news always talks about water shortage in some areas.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ber-ry Close

Tomorrow marks the start of the "BER" months.


Just the sound of the month ending with a "ber" makes me happy end excited. So many things to look forward to actually.

First on the list is Sam's 11th birthday on SeptemBER 22! I have her gift ready since July, talk about planning ahead ... it is kinda costly so i made sure to buy it while i still had money for it, hehehe!

Next is Halloween that my kiddies love, no matter that my girls are entering their tweens .. they still love to dress up!

December of course ... not only is it the happiest month of the year but it has the longest holidays ... hahahah!

I am so excited ... BER starts tomorrow!


My sister-in-law called me yesterday and was letting me know of the present vacancies they have in their office. She is really pushing that we work in a same office, no worries about having the same surname because she is married to my brother and of course i changed my maiden name to my married name so we would seem not related at all. There are a lot of companies who do not allow relatives to work together to make sure that there will be no hanky panky since we are all blood related.

She told me there are interesting openings at the Front Desk department, like Help Desk Specialist Jobs Receptionists and even Executive Assistants.

I am actually tinkering on the idea, but of course i can't just abandon my teaching and leave the students mid year ... hehehe! It just nice to think about the different promises one career can take you.

I love teaching, but it is really hard work. lol!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Had a four day holiday!

I feel so recharged ... it was just four days but it came at the most best time. We just finished exams and i got my kids report cards as well.

Had a great time unwinding and relaxing with the family.

It was just bliss.

Shopping Police

Who is your shopping police?

Some people it could be their moms ... husbands ... but for me it has got to be the barcode scanner, hehehe!

I am eyeing on an item then i can't decide from which of the two kinds i like and i get my shopping best friend to decide for me. I just point and shoot and suddenly a decision is made, tee hee!

I wish i could have my own though and not rely on the shop's scanners, that way i can have one handy in my purse when the need arises.

I love shopping ... but i love keeping things in check ... reality check!

Friday, August 19, 2011

1st Quarter

1st quarter is officially over today.

We wrapped up the last day of exams this morning and i have in my possession tons of text papers to check. I can't believe it took me hours to make a test and only minutes for the kids to answer and pass it ... hahaha!

I looked at some of the answers and happy that they might just ace the exams, and that makes me one fulfilled teacher. Yey!

Happy Errand

One of the favorite errands my kids and i like to do is to do the groceries. There is actually a schedule on who gets to push the cart first and who will be in charge of getting the groceries from the shelves. They love checking the prices on the cordless barcode scanner that is around the supermarket to help the shoppers keep to their budget. Tee hee!

Vin would run to it and scan all the groceries and run back to me to give me a full report on how much each item costs. They love the idea that i actually have a reaction everytime they say the price considering that they all scanned thin and thick black lines. I always want to stick to our budget but it still shoots up as soon as we pass the ice cream and snack aisles. Hahaha!

It is a weekend again, and that means grocery shopping is next!

Happy Errand

One of the favorite errands my kids and i like to do is to do the groceries. There is actually a schedule on who gets to push the cart first and who will be in charge of getting the groceries from the shelves. They love checking the prices on the cordless barcode scanner that is around the supermarket to help the shoppers keep to their budget. Tee hee!

Vin would run to it and scan all the groceries and run back to me to give me a full report on how much each item costs. They love the idea that i actually have a reaction everytime they say the price considering that they all scanned thin and thick black lines. I always want to stick to our budget but it still shoots up as soon as we pass the ice cream and snack aisles. Hahaha!

It is a weekend again, and that means grocery shopping is next!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Natal Day

This is it!

I am now officially 42 years old!

I can hardly believe it, sounds super old ... hahaha!

Christian has been telling me if i want anything for my birthday. Truthfully, i did not have anything in mind when he asked me last night. I actually don't need anything for myself. I am content with what i have actually.

But looking around the house, the kitchen to be specific .... i guess i would appreciate some top of the line electric grills since our family jusy loves grilled food. This is one appliance that i have more use of rather than the microwave.

I wonder what i will get ... the day is still not over :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Diamond is Forever

I am now thinking of having a diamond peel.

I always see this service being offered at my facial salon, but i never really thought if having it done. I made some online searches and it look good, it is non invasive and results are seen after the first treatment.

I got some phone numbers that i will be calling and see if i can squeeze myself an appointment this afternoon .... yup i mean business .. hahaha!

When Monday starts, i will not be free till Saturday, which happens to be Christian's birthday! Yey! Another reason to look forward to the weekend!

Signal Woes

My sister and i were looking at some potential houses here in Paranaque for them to move into next month. We were able to see a lot, and i mean a lot. We would go around street after street of a particular village and would go down and have a look at the units. There was actually a house that stood out among the rest but there was one setback ... the signal of my sisters phone was really low and she said this could be a major reason for them not take the house. I know where she is coming from, being attached to my cellphone as well for messages and calls from my clients and of course Chrisitian.

We found out that there are actually cell booster home units available to increase the signal of your cell phone. Wow!

Everything is really possible nowaday ... so the house is back on the top of the list.


After the crazy week, i felt i needed a break.

I am not much into pampering myself, but i felt the need to do so after the long week. I had a facial last Friday night to prepare me to a good weekend. I usually am not relaxed during a facial like other women, i find the pricking procedure really painful. But if that is what is needed to cleanse my face deeper then i endure it for a few minutes.

But maybe because of the two week happenings i actually did not feel as hurt as before, it was like my body succumbed to the torture and let it all happen, maybe i was too tired to feel it. I wonder if that will be the case for me to not feel the pricking if that was actually a blessing in disguise. Tee hee.

First Exam Cramming

Last week was a very busy week. We had our very first round of examinations and we had to fit in eight subjects in two days. This year i am teaching Science to grades one to four, Computer to grades one to six and TLE grades four to six. Imagine the exams i have to prepare for my classes. It was truly a toxic activity.

I made a record for myself by creating ten different tests in just one day! I usually make a maximum of four in a day, but because of the recent happening the other week i found it impossible to make them ahead of time, so there i was crunch time moment, only a day before the tests i was still typing them.

But, bottom line is ... i did it! Whew.

Now, i have time to look at my other online routine like checking on my multiply site, readings at www.wholesaleinsurance.net for the kind we really need, facebook activity and my neglected email.

The next exams will be in August (yup, just a month away) i promise to start early and will never cram again .... keeping my fingers crossed.


I have a grade one student who has a walking disability since birth. She is a very happy little girl despite what she is going through. I know that it can be really tough for a little girl not o be able to run and play around like her classmates but i have never seen her face look sad at any time. Every time i would call her she would flash me a great smile and i actually forget that she is not like the others in terms of capabilities. She attends school three times a week, while two days of the week she undergoes therapy.

I got surprised last week when she was able to stand up, she was of course holding on her desk and her bag, i saw that she was wearing donjoy hinged knee brace to steady her. I cannot forget how her face beamed with joy that she could stand up, she said "Teacher, can you get my book?" and she was standing straight for me to see.

I am so proud of her, most especially proud of how she is handling this. Her parents give her all the love they can give and that explains why she always look happy and content with all that she has.

Love can really make a huge difference.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Better Safe

The saying 'better safe than sorry' really holds water in my book. That is why when my friend was asking me about how to go about her slimming down i told her there is no other way but to make sure she drinks only safe diet pills and not rely on ads alone. No crash diets for me too. I always believed that gradual slimming down will make sure there will be no drastic effect on her body. I will help her find good restaurants to aid her in her quest for a better and slim body now that there are a lot of fat-free food available on the menus.

Here is hoping we can make things happen safely.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trying My Lucky Streak

Since i won last month in the bonding moments photo contest, then with Vin and Nut's photo entry last week ... i can't help and try my luck again. I sure have a winning streak and i really want to milk it as far as it can go .. hahaha!

I joined a photo contest again for Father's Day celebration, and will know the results within the week. I saw the other entries online and they are great shots too. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Lots of luck ... to me ... lol!

Check Up

Brought Vin for his annual check up last weekend and his pediatrician was really surprised on how he has grown. He may not have put on much weight but he has exceeded the average height for his age. I marveled at how he can reach many things lately, but honestly i did not notice his growth spurt if not for this check up.

While waiting for our turn i was talking to a kind lady who shared her story about her two teenage boys that he used to accompany during pedia visits. She said nowadays she accompanies them to check up but this time for drug rehab treatment, a far cry from her usual doctor visits. I marvelled at how she is handling it and how proud she is of her sons who i heard are doing well with the program they are in.

I really believe that nothing is impossible in the eyes of a mother when it comes to her children .. there is always hope and a promise of good things.

Father's Day

I have everything i really need .... what more can i ask for?

Happy Father's Day to Christian, a hands on father to the three kiddies. I cannot imagine going through parenting without you by my side.

Good job!


The partners won!

I got a registered mail notifying me that Vin and Choconut made it to the magical five winners. I was super happy! I sent my email hoping that it gets a chance and despite the volume of those who joined we still won! Yey, Vin and Nutty!

I will be leaving in a bit to meet up with my cousin who will go to the mall after he finishes his errands ranging from ordering dinner, buy phenphedrine, taking the dog to the vet and do a weekly grocery. We all live a busy life, and you really have to schedule some time to bond or else you will can get easily lost in the frenzy of things.


Just found great deals on laptops and with the ever increasing prices nowadays finding a bargain is really something to get excited about, hahah! Cheap thrill if you may say.

Bea has a laptop as her gift last year and Sam has been giving me hints that she wants one too for her birthday. Her birthday is still in September but she is hoping to get a laptop as she turns eleven ... while Bea got hers when she turned twelve.

I really have to think things through here ... if we will talk about responsible in taking care of a gadget then Sam passes that criteria. She is actually the one taking care of Bea's laptop especially if she was the last one who used it.

I will see how things go and maybe we can have a happy and excited laptop toting eleven year old in September.

Friday, June 10, 2011

First Mass

Today we had our very first official mass to celebrate the opening of this school year. Followed by the mass, we had our Parents meeting and orientation. It was well attended and this just means that we are off to a good start.

Next week, regular school hours and classes begin as well. I have a full shift from 7:00 am all the way to 2:00 pm.

Excited for a new year!


My co-teachers and i have been contemplating on what uniform to don this school year. We have a lot of things to consider in choosing our uniforms. First the color, comfort and of course the professional look of being teachers. The cost of course follows, especially that everyone is on a tight budget these days. Hospitals on the other hand do not have any problems when it comes to uniforms, especially that there are a lot of color schemes to choose from, a good example are the versatile looking cherokee workwear that is becoming popular. I love scrubs, they are so comfortable and easy to wear, plus so much room to move around and you do not feel constricted to move and do your business.

I wonder how teachers would look in comfy scrubs ... cool!

Nut and Vin

There is an ongoing photo contest that requires a participant to send a picture of your favorite pet ... trying my luck and sent these photos. You think we have a chance? Hope so.

This actually my second try to join a photo contest this year .. the first one was last month and we bagged a prize for it, so i am really hoping we win again.

When they were younger i would always join contests but lately i don't have time to do so ... and now here i am again getting into the groove of it.

Will keep you posted by tomorrow if we do win it.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Cars Old And New

I have never been a fan of cars. I actually have a running joke that i can only recognize a volkswagon nothing more. I went to my sister's carshow where they sponsored a booth for their trucking car carrier business and i have to say i was amazed with the cars. So here i am writing and taking back my word that i would not be a fan .. hahaha! There even was a car there that belonged in the 1916 era .. wow! I wonder if these cars were placed and stored in a metal building to ensure that they will not be damaged by anything. I love the roomy feeling of the vintage cars, so much headroom. There also were cars that had large speakers all over the place and would really rock the street literally. Christian had a great time taking photos of the cars while the kids and i were walking along the exhibit. It was a great experience for the kids and of course for the hubby.