Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rooftop Clean Up

Had the much needed time to tidy up our rooftop attic and have a chance to open the boxes that has been in storage for some time. I bought new boxes to replace the ones that we have so this time we only keep the ones we really have a need for and the others stuff that we have been keeping for some time that we actually do not need ... finally dispose it. It is hard to sort through things but i must really set my mind to the task and finish it before the week ends. I was able to see my wedding dress again and memories flooded in (hahaha!) love my dress! I remember how i was the one who designed my bridesmaid dresses to suit their personalities, and they loved it too. Those were the kind that they can still wear even after my wedding, so no wasted dress. I loved the wedding preparations, i was never harassed ... smooth sailing all through the way. I loved that day!

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