Monday, November 22, 2010


I have been experiencing delayed deliveries of my text messages to my friends since yesterday. I don't know if my carrier is having problems that they are not telling us subscribers because when i called them to inquire about it they said they are not having any technical problems. It may be my phone crying out for a replacement then .. hahah! Kidding aside, it can really be frustrating when i am waiting for their reply and they don't, mainly because they have yet to receive my message abd it gets to them after a few hours ... aarrrgggh! I am now thinking of getting a wireless cell booster to hopefullu solve my problems since i cannit go on like this since i need replies to my texts fast especially if these are questions that i need answered like when i am in the mall and asking for specifics. I hope this dilemna of mine be resolved soon ... i am going bonkers!

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