Friday, November 26, 2010

Pork Free

Looks like i have suddenly dropped pork from my diet for almost one week now. Suprisingly, this is not because i am dieting. It just suddenly hit me that i have been passing on eating meat dishes and have been going for seafood and omelets. I am thinking it all started when a new wet and dry market opened shop just across our street. I think the sight of raw meat hanging on their stalls make me want to skip them during meals. Well i think this is a good change for me and this came naturally so i guess i won't feel that i am missing out on something since this came so natural.

Goodbye meat, see you ... not later.

Short Do

I had a haircut the other day and was suprised to hear Christian say that it suits me more than when my hair was long. He has always showed likeness to my long hair and whenever i ask him if i should have a haircut he would often say that he liked my long hair. But after my rebond that has signs of new growth i decided to chop my hair and sport a short hairstyle. I like the wash and wear of my new do, no more ironing, yey! He even said i looked younger (wink, wink) now i just need some fat burners to flatten my stomach to achieve the overall look, lol! I have to work on my appearance since i am now forty one (eep!) this year. Have to step up and shape up!


The current jackpot of our lotto is six hundred eighty five million pesos!

I wonder what i will do if i get lucky .. hahah!

This is the biggest jackpot so far.

All i need is to get myself a ticket, lol!


I have ended my search finally on as to where to buy gold that Christian and i have agreed is a best and wise investment. After hours of searching i found the United States Gold Bureau as an authentic and reliable supplier of gold coins and bullion. I also found out that this is also a good place to get silver coins and ingots, you are assured of high quality pieces and that is very important since i will be investing our hard earned savings. I want to make sure that i am not getting into something blindly as it will be costly on our future and my childrens as well. So far so good, i have read a lot of good things and found it fool proof. So here we are ready to take the plunge to secure our future.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I have always gotten the habit of being thankful for the many blessings that i receive every single day. The very simple truth that i wake up every morning is enough reason for me to say my heartfelt thanks. I have been so blessed.

My biggest blessing is my family. My parents, my siblings, my husband and most especially my three children.

Thank you God!


I love the internet!

I am counting my blessings that i belong to this generation where everything we want is right at our fingertips ... and fast! I have to admit that i once belonged to the typewriter era and the school library set-up whenever i needed something for a report in school. I have learned to master the card catalog but have yet to understand why some people don't know how to return books in their proper places. Those are the perils of my gradeschool and highschool life. But now everything and anything is available right at your very home, you get your subject or topic that interest you and just look for the words click here and you are on your way to your desired information. I marvel at technology and i do not take it for granted .... i am very thankful for it. My kids especially do not have to lug around big encyclopedias to school, just their laptop will suffice. I love this era!

Monday, November 22, 2010


I have severe back pains ... and it is really killing me. :(

My age must be catching up on me sooner than i think ... hahaha!

Missed school today because of it.

Hope after a massage from my kids i will get better.


I have been experiencing delayed deliveries of my text messages to my friends since yesterday. I don't know if my carrier is having problems that they are not telling us subscribers because when i called them to inquire about it they said they are not having any technical problems. It may be my phone crying out for a replacement then .. hahah! Kidding aside, it can really be frustrating when i am waiting for their reply and they don't, mainly because they have yet to receive my message abd it gets to them after a few hours ... aarrrgggh! I am now thinking of getting a wireless cell booster to hopefullu solve my problems since i cannit go on like this since i need replies to my texts fast especially if these are questions that i need answered like when i am in the mall and asking for specifics. I hope this dilemna of mine be resolved soon ... i am going bonkers!

Real Thing

Vin has been playing with his binocular toy for the past three days and will always bring it along wherever he goes. He loves playing "I spy!" game with his sisters especially when we are in the car. I sometimes would borrow it to take a peek and see yello stained glass and a few feet closer from the actual object i am looking at. I am now on the lookout for child friendly scopes for my tiny explorer, i am sure he will really be amazed on how things can get really close and clear once he gets to use the real thing. I have been searching the net for a light weight kind and that can withstand the accidental drops, tee hee!

I am sure he would love this!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Decorations Up

Gave my students some Christmas projects and they happily did it and that brought the whole classroom atmosphere fun. And today i told them to give themselves a round of applause because we successfully completed decorating their classrooms with their handmade projects. I can never feel more proud.

The classroom is more bright and makes my teaching them more enjoyable.

Love the Christmas spirit!


Bea and Sam has been getting some admiring looks from boys lately when we are out. I really have to come to terms that they will be admired and courted before i want it to happen. In as much as i want to prolong it and keep them away from it ... i can't. I have to support them and give them the assurance that they do not have to hide anything from me, i want them to feel that they have my trust and i will not be angry with them if the day does happen. I know that come this Valentine's Day they will be receiving sweet things not only from their papa but from other admirers as well. I welcome the change and i am proud that that my daughters have grown into beautiful individuals inside and out.

Cooling Down

Rainy days have started again and typhoons has been making its presence felt these past few weeks, so as soon as the sun showed its sunny rays ... the kids wanted to take a dip on the pool and enjoy the rays. I had to give in to make up for the many days they are kept indoors because of the rain. Kids are meant to be play outdoors and not cramped in a room infront of the computer and the play station. My kids know how to have fun!

Lay Offs

As i write my blog, do my facebook and answer my emails my tv is on and i am watching the news. There are a lot of good news, like an upcoming holiday on November 16 and just by hearing it my mind is already spinning thinking where to go to take advantage of this break. But sad news is the news that there are a lot of people who are lined up for retrenchment and lay offs before Christmas. I know there are a lot of familes to be affected by this and i pray that it does not hit them too hard.


My friend's son is finally in rehab. It took a while before she really confronted the problem because of emotional issues. But now that he is undergoing sessions she is feeling a bit better and guilty feelings are carefully vanishing. I told her about opiate detox and how it can effectively flush out toxins that are in his body and the same time done effectively and safely. The last thing that we need is to make his sessions traumatic and tiring for him. Hopefully, in due time he will come out a renewed person, he deserves a second chance, let us help him heal. I am praying for his continued recovery.

Ready and Excited

Watching the news now and these words were said by Manny Pacquiao when asked about the fight with Margarito on Sunday. Everyone will be still on this memorable day, boxing fan or not. I am excited as well to watch!


I am on the lookout for thebest diet pills for women and really have to keep my weight in check. My metabolism is slowing down and my tummy is making everyone notice it, lol! I am really keeping things real and if i don't accept the fact that i have to work on it i won't be able to get rid of it. So heres to making my stomach non existent before the Christmas dinners come in! Tee hee!


Vin's favorite cousin is my brother's son, Anton. I really love watching them play together and bond like brothers. Since Vin is our only boy, Anton is also his only boy cousin, so you can imagine the games they play as soon as they see each other. Anton is three years older and is very patient and understanding of Vin.

Love this boy bonding!

Night Frenzy

This image is the one keeping me up at night! Yup, the farm mania has caught up on me and i play till the wee hours of the morning. Christian is hooked as well and he stays up with me playing on the desktop while i burn the midnight oil here on my laptop.




My co-teacher and were talking during recess time while enjoying newly steamed dumplings that she wanted to somehow master appetite control, i told her it is possible, nowadays nothing is impossible. She told me she recently started the six o' clock diet and is sometimes she wakes up at night feeling hungry, and is later heading to the fridge for a quick snack. Goodbye diet. She actually consumed eight dumplings while we were talking, while i had three and was already full, but i was taking softdrinks so maybe that filled me up right away. I know she can do it ... willpower is needed indeed.

Girls Knack

My girls are growing by the minute, i can hardly keep up! Now they have actually graduated from shopping at the kids department to the misses clothing and boy do they have strong fashion sense! I wonder where they got that, hahaha! I am a tee and jeans kind of girl and Christian is a whatever is there kind of dresser. Must be their tween age that rules here! I really am amazed how they can mix and match pieces with ease, looks like i am in for a major suprise in the very near future! Love their style!