Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stomach In

I always catch a silhouette of my sideview whenever i pass shop windows and i really do not like what i see ... sob. sniff. My stomach is really bulging. I don't know if its because i have a horrible posture that i have to seriously correct before its too late or i need to get hold of diet pills that work before anyone mistakes me for a pregnant woman. I have been havinf back pains lately and i have it even if i just got up from bed in the morning. I am thinking maybe i got squished during sleep, but the pain is sometime intolerable that i have to pop a pain reliever to get me up on my feet. I really have o work on my posture as soon as i can, looks like i need glasses of milk for calcium supplements for my aching bones. Oldie! Hahaha!

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