Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Arrival

Our neighbor gave birth yesterday ... a little girl. She is so cute! We went to visit last night and she was one if not the cutest in the nursery. She was sleeping so soundly. I remember my girls when they were infants, how fragile they looked. Christian would always video them when they were in the nursery and just show them to me since i could not walk yet to the nursery and i wanted to see them all the time. Friends and relatives all came as well to visit me and the newest miracle and we would have a little something for our visitors. Before we checked in for the C-section i already had small tokens and baby thank you cards for our well-wishers to bring home after their visit. A new mama can never be prouder of every new addition to the family.

I love the sound of an infant crying ... and i am sure i will be hearing a lot of those in a few days when they bring home their little princess.

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