Thursday, October 28, 2010


It did not rain on their awaited soccer practice. It was sunny for a while then the sun hid itself (to my advantage) to give the players a cool breeze. They played for three hours and had fun passing the ball around.

It was funny that only after five minutes they all went back to the bench where i was and asked for water and said they are already tired. Shape up! Hahahah!

Too much computer games can do this to you.

Told them to stretch and run around the field, and they did. They really enjoyed themeselves and Choconut had a great time prancing around the grass.

We were all tired and when i saw that there is a possibility that it would rain, i announced a last ten minute play time and we all headed home.

We passed by a convenience store first for some popsicles and taked out hotdog sandwiches before walking home.

Tiring .. but happy.

They are now scheduling a next practice in a few days ... uh-oh. :)

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