Thursday, October 28, 2010


Paul the psychic octopus has passed.

I heard it on the news.

His caretakers were devastated the newsperson said. But not to worry though, they are already grooming its successor who will be named Paul too.

I wonder, how do you train a psychic octopus?


Mall Time

Yes, i love those words!


Scheduled a mall trip tomorrow morning, and this time this trip is for me. Yey me!

I will have a facial to repleneish my tired skin (over acting here) get some acne treatment that works and replenish my night cream.

Vacation time is about to end and we will be heading back to school next week, so i have to make the most of this vacation and pamper myself (tee hee) before hard work begins (over acting number two). Don't get me wrong, i love teaching, its the preparing for the lesson plans and keeping my active students interested is the tricky part.

Tomorrow is skin day ... so there is so many things to look forward to.


It did not rain on their awaited soccer practice. It was sunny for a while then the sun hid itself (to my advantage) to give the players a cool breeze. They played for three hours and had fun passing the ball around.

It was funny that only after five minutes they all went back to the bench where i was and asked for water and said they are already tired. Shape up! Hahahah!

Too much computer games can do this to you.

Told them to stretch and run around the field, and they did. They really enjoyed themeselves and Choconut had a great time prancing around the grass.

We were all tired and when i saw that there is a possibility that it would rain, i announced a last ten minute play time and we all headed home.

We passed by a convenience store first for some popsicles and taked out hotdog sandwiches before walking home.

Tiring .. but happy.

They are now scheduling a next practice in a few days ... uh-oh. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Soccer Practice

Bea has been asking me if we could go to the park so she and her friends can have soccer practice.

Today is the day.

It was raining hard yesterday, so hopefully it does not rain this afternoon as she already called her friends three days ago for this field activity. I got her a soccerball last weekend and is so excited to use it. Got her some goalie gloves also to complete the look, lol!

We will bring our little doggie too so she can have her little walk. Hope no rain today.

New Arrival

Our neighbor gave birth yesterday ... a little girl. She is so cute! We went to visit last night and she was one if not the cutest in the nursery. She was sleeping so soundly. I remember my girls when they were infants, how fragile they looked. Christian would always video them when they were in the nursery and just show them to me since i could not walk yet to the nursery and i wanted to see them all the time. Friends and relatives all came as well to visit me and the newest miracle and we would have a little something for our visitors. Before we checked in for the C-section i already had small tokens and baby thank you cards for our well-wishers to bring home after their visit. A new mama can never be prouder of every new addition to the family.

I love the sound of an infant crying ... and i am sure i will be hearing a lot of those in a few days when they bring home their little princess.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wish List

I told Christian my plan about jumpstarting my Christmas shopping and he casually asked me what i wanted. Of course, i said ... "nothing, really."

It was half true.

I really do not want anything as of the moment.

But upon thinking hard ... hahaha ... okay i want something ... it turns out... tee hee!

I want an Ipad.

Yup, the craze has gotten into me, i want the versatility and slim looking tablet while i browse the net, visit my facebook and write my emails. So i wonder, will Christian ask me again? Will i say i want an Ipad out loud? I guess not.

I wonder if Santa will give me one. :)

Its Official

Christmas shopping is officially open!

I have started taking out my list, checked it twice (tee hee!) and have jotted down a few things i know my special recipients will love. Now i on the seach for some magical online coupons (hehehe!) that can save me a gazillion, and that i could use! Shopping is really fun, its actually therapeutic, but what makes it more fun and worthwhile is you get to save some moolah while getting something that you know someone will like and the money you save can buy another gift ... fun right? Wise spending is cool savings!

I know what my kids will like ... can't wait to get it for them before stocks dwindle as Christmas nears. Hold on Santa i am on the race with you! Hohohoh!

Shopping Alert

Was in the mall last weekend and even if Halloween has yet to happen the shopping windows are brimmed with Christmas trimmings. There are already a lot of pre-Christmas sale, beat the holiday rush kind of thinking .. hahaha! Of course, i am so tempted to buy! But i still have no money for Christmas shopping just yet, i wonder if i could get a cash advance and get my holiday shopping a headstart. Nice idea! I am actually getting excited just thinking about it. I will start looking around now, so if i do push through with my plan i know exactly where and what to get. Kaching-kaching is on the way!

Back To Square One

Here i am again, back to starting point.

Just when i thought i was way over pms, teenage acne and crushes ... here i am experiencing it all over again. Don't get me wrong ... not ME, but me in my tweeners life. I have started teaching my girls the proper way of washing their faces with the soap i got for them. The pms has not yet really started but i have sort of not told them that it was normal to have stomach cramps, thinking maybe that if i don't tell them about it they will not even experience it .. lol. So far, so good .... no stomach cramps yet, and Bea has been having her period for a year now while Sam has started four months ago. We are still in the clear when cramps are concerned ... whew.

I hope they never get to experience this discomfort in the future. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Vin Pals

Since Vin started school he has been building good bonds. Here are a few of his friends from the Linggo ng Wika presentation. I remember in Facebook i still remember with clarity my best friebds in gradeschool, so i am sure Vin will still remember them after so many years. I know memories of childhood will always remain even if some of your buddies lose weight quickly and emerge into a new person ... the memories, happy times and fun moments will always remain. Here's to friendship!

Stomach In

I always catch a silhouette of my sideview whenever i pass shop windows and i really do not like what i see ... sob. sniff. My stomach is really bulging. I don't know if its because i have a horrible posture that i have to seriously correct before its too late or i need to get hold of diet pills that work before anyone mistakes me for a pregnant woman. I have been havinf back pains lately and i have it even if i just got up from bed in the morning. I am thinking maybe i got squished during sleep, but the pain is sometime intolerable that i have to pop a pain reliever to get me up on my feet. I really have o work on my posture as soon as i can, looks like i need glasses of milk for calcium supplements for my aching bones. Oldie! Hahaha!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Three Day Sale

Yup, three day sale on major malls starting today!

Payday today!

Take care bloggers, stay safe while shopping to your hearts content!

Sam At Ten

Sam is now TEN!

Time sure flies when you are having fun!

Suddenly, i am amazed to how my kids grow up so fast. Here i am trying to make sure that they make the most of their childhood. Planning numerous activities for them, because in as much as i try to stop time they will grow up and won't be able to enjoy simple pleasures of a happy childhood. I try to take them to different places, try different food and different experiences. With all the food we are trying out i am slowly but surely gaining weight since i feel my metabolism is slowing down, surely i will be reaching out for some crash diets that work for my aging body, lol!

But diets should be safely done of course, i will never compensate my health, since my children are relying on me.

Happy Birthday my Sammie Girl!


My cousin invited us to his wedding last weekend and the kids had a nice time meeting the other side of my family, the Sarmiento side. They have always been used to being with the Avellana clan that i they were suprised to see new cousins from my side. They exchanged facebook details and will be friends there, lol!

Gone were the days when you exchanged mailing addresses to correspond with each other, hahaha, nowadays you just ask their email address and you are surely to be connected with them. Technology rocks!

Great Deals

I am always on the lookout for cool deals and hefty discounts especially that the much awaited Black Friday sale is coming up! I love the feeling of getting something at a very low price and yet the quality is not compromised since its my family who will be using the product. Being a mom, i think i have the knack of spotting a great deal and the ones who are just mereley giving us a ride. I love discounts! I have yet to meet anyone who would pass on a chance to get a super saving deal on things especially since we are all trying to save and stretch our cash up to its limit.

Shopping is fun .. but it makes it doubly fun if you get to save as well! Here's to wise shopping!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Filipiniana week in school for my three kids are a much awaited and well-attended event. They prepare dances, songs and poems for the parents to watch. This time around i am helping the other children with their numbers and i am not just a mere spectator ... tee hee!

It was a tiring day for me and the kids but all the same they enjoyed the day because there were also games and yummy food to share.

Techi Kids

My kids enjoy playing! They enjoy the playground, may it be indoor or out in the sun they like it all the same. But of course nothing beats playing animated computer games as well. I have nothing against children playing computerized games as long as it is done in moderation and that they still have play time that requires them to run and do some things and not just sit on the couch. We actually have a number of computer aided games and like Play Station, computer cds (educational and arcade games), xbox 360 and even online games that i have to view first before they can play it.

Kids are kids, so let us them have fun.