Friday, September 3, 2010


I love going on vacations!

And we are happily looking forward to a long Christmas Break not to mention a long semestral break that will be coming this October. I love planning for these much needed vacations and i really want to make sure that we use these days well, seize the day as i always say. Even when i was smaller, our family was big on vacations and spending quality time is really important to us maybe that is why now that i have my own family i still hold this true. I am looking at different places to visit and have that vacation, on the list is a Disneyland Tour, Branson vacations, Hong Kong or Singapore Trip is definitely one of the choices.

I am fortunate that my kids have no problems with travelling and they are quite big now so packing for them will surely be a breeze. They already know how to take responsibilities so delegating them with things to do before and during the trip will surely come in handy. I will gather all the information i need and present them them choices and hopefully in one sitting we get to make a choice and make up our itinerary soonest. The kids will surely have a great time wherever we go as long as we are together and good planning nothing can go wrong .... can't wait for vacation to start!

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