Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today's lesson in class was about parts and rooms of the house. I had fun explaining to the kids the different rooms and their functions and was surprised to find out that the kids use the rooms in different ways. There are others who use the dinig room as their study room as soon as the plates are cleared. Some even use their kitchen area as a good place to finish up their meal especially if they are in a hurry. We aslo taked about the different kinds of furniture in the particular area of the house, like where rustic furniture would be appropriate to use, modern pieces and even outdoor furniture.

I left them with a project to be submitted by the end of the week, and that is for them to design their dream bedroom complete with all the gadgets they like. Most of them if not all of them they all wanted to have a computer or laptop in their room. Kids areeally high tech nowadays.

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