Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Horns .. horns

My little boy Vin just loves putting secret horns on people's heads in pictures ... look at his tiny fingers stretched out on top of my head ... tee hee!

For a dose of his own medicine we all requested for another shot and this time we all had our little horns on his without him knowing it ... hahaha!

When he saw the picture he laughed and said, "I told you it is fun!" lol!

Mini Me

Bea is growing up by the second!

I can't believe she is already twelve years old! She is fond of reading and drawing and would do just that instead of going to the mall. In a few weeks i will have to be on the lookout and buy acne treatments for my fast growing tweener. She has started to have a few breakouts on her forehead but still no cause for alarm, tee hee.

I already stressed how important it is not to touch her face and she is following all my beauty tips ... lol! Hopefully Bea does not suffer my teenage acne problem, there is still hope as Christian boasts of not having acne during his teen years.


I can say with all conviction that i am truly blessed! I have a great family! My children are heaven sent and i have a cool husband!

I am blessed.

These are just a few of my divine moments with my kids and hubby and there are a thousand more of these in my heart. <3

I love being a mom and a wifey too!

Pamper Me

After the exams and the field trip i feel i am really tired with all the school activities that i feel i have to take a double dose of my multivitamins to keep me on the go. I really have to take care of myself especially that the kids are looking up to me. I now have a bad case of cough and cold and hopefully this does not go further and become a flu. I am one person who really do not have the luxury to get sick ever since i took on the role as a full time mama, but now that i am a teacher the more pressure i am in to stay in tip top shape all the time.

I will have to slow down a bit and find ways to destress and keep myself in check again.

Must not get sick. That is my battlecry at the moment. I will win this!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Ondoy

Today, marks a year since the Ondoy tragedy.

Though we were not personally affected by it, we were not flooded even a bit, only some things on our rooftop was destroyed it is nothing compared to other people around us. Not only their material things but their lives and loved ones as well.

I pause to pray and ask for healing from this tragedy.

We can move on.

Go For Gold

I really am leaning towards investing on gold bars as per latest conversation with Christian with regards to what we should do to secure our future and at the same time risk free. The best place to get this is at the United States Gold Bureau who not only sells gold but silver as well. The best thing about investing in gold is it is a sure way to preserve your assets and at the same time it will make sure that you will make a wise investment because it never depriciates but the value appreciates as time goes by. This is actually a good time to take the plunge and finally secure whatever we have instead of putting it in banks where there is even a chance that the bank may close for whatever reason, this is something that happens around us and i really don't want to risk it.

Museo Pambata Fun Day

My kids had a great time at Museo Pambata's different learning centers. They loved the hands-on feeling of this museum, not just looking at relics but they had a feel of things and they liked every place. The only set back was the time was not enough to explore everything since we still had a lot of places to visit and we were part of a tour so we had to be with the group. But even limited time, that still did not stop them from experiencing all that they can with the time given to them.

Will surely go back there with the kids really soon!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tomorrow is the kids fieldtrip .... everybody excited!

Will sleep earlier tonight, very early start tomorrow, have to cook our lunch to bring. Its surely going to be a busy and happy day!


Remember my interest for gold bar a few weeks back? I still am and am really thinking of investing on it as it yields great chances for my money to increase and not be wasted on some other risky investments. I browsed through the site of United States Gold Bureau and found thier investment schemes inviting. Found out that they offer gold and silver as well as both are good and sound investments to take nowadays in these days of uncertainties. I am partial on gold though, they have coins and ingots available and are delivered immediately, so i am sure i will get my purchase as soon as i confirm my payment. A wise investment is needed and going into shady deals will leave you nowhere and open to fraud. I will definitely invest wisely, after all earning our money is no joke, so i don't want to take any chances.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good Grades

Vin went home yesterday with his checked test papers and considering that i did not review him as much he got very high grades. He even had some tests that were perfect!

I guess he is really having fun in school, so i don't have to pressure him (not my style anyway) to study for the test. Good grades follow good times in school.

This is his last year in pre-school, he will be entering grade school next school year.

Absent Toys

This time around there are hardly any toys in Sam's birthday presents. They were dominated with arts and crafts, clothes and we gave her an mp3 player that she likes. The only toy i included in her presents is a auto returning and long spinning yoyo, tee hee! I still can't get over the fact that she no longer likes Barbie and Bratz dolls. No more Princesses. No more teasets. No more ... sniff.

My babies are all growing up so fast.

And i am growing old so fast ... waaahhh! :)

It's Raining

Yikes, i can feel the rain on our windows now, tapping incessantly, looks like a major downpour. The news specifically said last night that there is no threat of any storm anytime soon ... so what is this?

It had to rain on my Sammie girl's birthday, sob. sniff.

But, on hindsight many believe that the presence of rain signifies blessings from above ... so okay, i will look at it that way. Tee hee!

So here i am now making the most of my indoor time on the internet reading about bcbsnc and checking the options and advantages of it. I have been reviewing health plans for some time now and i hope to be able to get the best deal before the end of the month.

So here's to the rain and my internet connection!

Field Trip

We are scheduled for a school field trip this Friday and everyone is excited, including me! This is actually the very first time all my three kids are going on a field trip together and my first time to go not as a parent/chaperone but as a teacher who will not only look after my three kiddies but of the entire student population.

I love the responsibilty and take on the challenge head on.

I will have to take extra vitamins though, it's going to be a whole day affair.


The kids are starting to ask that we go swimming every weekend. It all started when i put up our ever dependable wading pool on the rooftop and they were happy there ... and then they wanted more! Hahaha!

They can hardly move around in the pool and are now clamoring for a swimming pool. Took them last weekend to the swimming pool and boy did they have fun! I wanted to join on the fun but was taken aback by my bulging stomach, tee hee! I have to start build muscle fast especially in my stomach area if i have plans on donning my bathing suit that i have not worn for ages. My post baby body has yet to recover, lol!

With sheer determination, i know i can do it!

Fill It Up

I was watching tv the other day and saw an advertisment of a wrinkle filler, it kind of caught my attention because i have a few wrinkles here and there. In as much as i would like to postpone my aging, it is bound to happen wether i like it or not. I am really on the lookout on ways to make my skin look younger and suple, since i am not fond of wearing foundation make-up i should find a way to correct this before it is too late. I bought an over the counter tinted moisturizer yesterday, i will try it later when we leave this afternoon and test its power ... hahaha!

I am never keen on cosmetics on the skin, but if the need arises then i shall succumb to it as well. Where is the fountain of youth when you need it!

Sam's 10th

It's Sam's birthday today!

She is now ten!


Time sure flies, i can still remember the whole birthing process since i was wide awake the whole cesarean operation, i can hardly believe its been ten years. Whew.

I have so many things to be thankful for and have been so blessed.

Later when they come home from school we will be going to Mall of Asia (Sam's birthday request) and treat he rto whatever thing she likes. So while they are still in school i am doing my designs, checking the net about my research on the acai scam, do my lessons plan online and hopefully have some free time to open my facebook.

I know we will be coming home pretty late and won't have time to open my email, so i might have to squeeze that in as well.


My co-teachers and i were talking this morning about how to finally remove fat from belly before the Christmas season kicks in. They said that i actually losing weight ... yes! I really am not slimming down, all i really want to do is trim down and keep my belly area flat as possible. I have to consider that i have been pregnant thrice and i have stubborn build up and that i have to exert more effort , more crunches to finally achieve a leaner stomach. I have started slowing down on my carbs intake and have seent he favorable results, but of course i still have a long way to ge before i can say i did it ... so i am still on my quest to a healthier looking me!


Today's lesson in class was about parts and rooms of the house. I had fun explaining to the kids the different rooms and their functions and was surprised to find out that the kids use the rooms in different ways. There are others who use the dinig room as their study room as soon as the plates are cleared. Some even use their kitchen area as a good place to finish up their meal especially if they are in a hurry. We aslo taked about the different kinds of furniture in the particular area of the house, like where rustic furniture would be appropriate to use, modern pieces and even outdoor furniture.

I left them with a project to be submitted by the end of the week, and that is for them to design their dream bedroom complete with all the gadgets they like. Most of them if not all of them they all wanted to have a computer or laptop in their room. Kids areeally high tech nowadays.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Old Friends

Finally, i was able to reconnect with my best friends from gradeschool! Can you imagine that? Gradeschool? That has been ages ago .. hahaha!

I have been wary of joining social sites and when i took my sister's advice to open a facebook account and then i was able to see my friends pages and i still get surprised to get friend requests from my classmates that i have even forgotten and when i see their pictures i smile and remeber them.

I heart facebook!

Best Place

Remember i have been thinking of investing in gold? I found the best place to buy gold coins and it is secured and reputable so that ensures that my money will not go to waste and at the same time earn a lot from what it is worth now. I have been going through different sellers and found the U.S. Bureau as a trusted place to get them and invest your money not only in gold but in silver as well. They even have Platinum coins and bullions, a selection of gold and silver bars too. Investing your hard earned money should carefully be studied and risks should be avoided at all cost. Investments should be protected and with the U.S. Bureau you can not go wrong.


Nope, it's not yet New Year's Day here ... hahaha! The kids were treated to fireworks last weekend at Mall of Asia and they enjoyed it. Vin on the other hand was honlind onto dear life (lol!) as he is afraid of the loud sounds since we were very near from the launching pad of the fireworks. I just see his eyes lighting up whenever the skies are lighted with pretty colors. All in all, despite Vin being scared, the kids had a great time!

Choconut Growing

Our little baby doggie is now seven months old!

She is the apple of the kids' eyes, and she has brought us so much joy. We have had some pets before but this is the first time that we got a dog, mainly because i felt the kids were not yet ready for the responsibility of owning one. There are a lot of things to consider as havin a dog is a long time commitment. But as the things are going, i am so happy i waited a while before getting a pet dog, now that they are bigger they can really understand and appreciate her more.

We love Choconut to bits!

Bullion Anyone

Have you heard of bullion? Well this is the latest craze in the investment department. It really saves you money and keeps your money safe and what makes it more a cut above the rest is it actually appreaciates so you really have no risks. You just have to make sure that you go to a reputable and trusted seller to make sure you are not victimized by the shady dealers. I strongly suggest you study the seller first and see if they have testimonies that will prove their reputation, then go and take the plunge. We all need to protect our assets and make sure we put them in the right place. Look up the US Gold Bureau in the net and get yourself a good deal and finally invest wisely so that the future is brighter and more secure.

Pizza Cones

This has got to be the latest craze to hit the pizza market ... Pizza Cones!

Since it is new .. we got to try it!

Loved the small cones filled with different flavors. We got the assorted cup so we could sample them and finally decide what we will order. I loved the pizza burger above all!

They come frozen and heated in the microwave while you wait the just pop it in your mouth. Its a good way to eat pizza if you are on the run, no mess just filled pizza cones. :)

Mastery Tests

What again?


Feels like yesterday when i finished making exams and then here we go again. I have seven kinds of examinations to make and i am still catching up on lectures in class because of the many missed days of school due to extra-curricular activities and holidays.

Here we go again ... panic button activated!


Shiny Investment

I have always wanted to somehow save for the "rainy days" especially now that i have my own family. I came across an idea on investing on gold coins that i from experience know that it never depreciates and the only way it goes is up. I have been looking at a site that is known to offer gold and silver and make it a wise investment. I know that gold is far better than saving your paper currency and investing it in banks. I have always had a lot of jewelry when i was still single and i know you can never go wrong in investing in gold. Investing in gold is the way to go!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Models Treat

The "models" were treated to their favorite chicken meal, Kentucky Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes! They all helped themselves to second and with Bea's case third helpings. Tee hee! No model figure to ruin just yet ... all growing kids need all the grow food they can get!


I knew it was going to happen ....

The final episode of my favorite (at the moment that is) made me cry on several occasions, mushy me. I know being exposed to showbusiness all my life (my Lolo, Lola and Papa are all in the movie and theater world) that it is all make believe .. hahaha! It still struck a nerve. I noticed that i have been more expressive with my feelings since i got kids .... is there a connection there somewhere ... lol!

So here i am with swollen eyes and a throbbing headache, tee hee! I have to help my cousin search for medical job listing for her to consider when she graduates in two month from nursing school. She has been very good to me so i feel i should at least do something nice for her in return, after all what is family for?

Friday, September 3, 2010


Its going to be a long weekend next week. Just watched the news and President Noynoy just announced a holiday on Friday, September 10 to mark the end of Ramadan.

In as much as i love weekends ... i love long weekends more!

Last Night

Tonight is the last night of Agua Bendita, a soap that i have been watching for some time. It had a nice story and am looking forward to the next soap that will be starting next Monday.

Well see.

Date Night

It has been ages since Christian and i ahve been out on a real date .. haha!

But if things work out well we might just go with it this weekend. Christian took the liberty and got us theater tickets and i was really thrilled on the propect of going out and reminicing our single day dates. I remember when we were still dating we would always go on movie dates every weekend and would even go to different theaters because we watched all the movies in that theater.

I will make arrangements with my mama so the kids can stay with her while we go out on our long awaited date night. Yey!

My Baby Is Now A Lady

My twelve year old little girl transformed into a lady in just a few minutes. She was chosen to be one of the models for an international childrens magazine and here we are at the photo shoot. Bea was a natural and smiled her way throughout the pictorial.

I was teary eyed for a few moments especially when everybody said that Bea looked like she was getting ready for the prom. sob. sniff.

Looks like my baby is blossoming to a beautiful lady pretty soon.