Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Helping Out

Now that my girls are growing up they are slowly gaining interest on what i do at home and how they can help me, yey me! Hahaha! I have never really asked for their help in anything in the house i want it to come from them ... and yes the time has arrived! Bea wants to help in the cooking while Sam wants to wash the dishes for me. It wouldn't be bad if i had a nice gas stove that is accident proof so i don't get worried that Bea might get hurt when she helps me in the cooking part and maybe have an installed Insinkerator disposals for the sink area to have ease in the washing the dished part. I am so proud of my girls and what they have become, always trying to think of ways to help me around the house in any way they can. Without my asking them they look out for Vin all the time, fix their bed whenever they wake up and even set the table during mealtimes. Soon the day will come that i will just be leisurely sipping an iced drink after dinner while i look at my girls taking over the kitchen .... hehehe! I can dream can't i? Tee hee!

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