Friday, August 20, 2010

Exams Completed


After a gruelling weekend creating seven examinations for my students, finally we finished exam week today! TGIF! Hahaha!

I was a proctor for the students of grade three for two days making sure they understood the instructions in all the tests in several subjects. I brought along my books so i could jumpstart my lesson plan for the next weeks regular classes. I had to make sure i fiz my lessons because anothe rbig event is coming in school and we will be start practicing for the event and that means missed classes to give way to practices. I have been asked to do the costumes aside from teaching my students dance moves, i will have to look for someone who can provide us colorful hats, pink ties and black flats.

Our school is big on school programs, so i really have to make good and deliver what is asked of me. Goodluck to me!

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