Friday, August 20, 2010


This is my present profile picture in my facebook account .... smile!

Driver's Permit

Having njust had my birthday that means i have a few things to renew and one of those is my Driver's License. I will be scheduling it by next week and will wait for Christian to go on a leave to accompany me as it is a long process. Having it renewed takes up an entire day, so i am thinking of scheduling the renewal of our car insurance at the same time so i get to hit two birds with one stone. Our car registration will not expire till end of the year, but had it been just weeks from now i will too have it renewed to make my time at the office worthwhile.

I wonder what the man manning the camera for the id picture for my license will tell me when i flash my pearly whites, since i always have been told to not smile and keep a serious face ... hahaha!


I marked my 41st year last Monday! Whoohoo! They say 'life begins at 40' and i have always believed that it is not true ... my life has started long time ago and am happy with how it is going. I have so many things to be thankful for. My family is one important aspect in my life and they give me the happiness that i did not think i have not yet felt when i was growing up. They can make me reach the highest level of happiness just by being with them and having fun.

I am so blessed.

I cherish my family time which is why i always make it a point to plan bonding moment activities and the kids just love to travel to different places and explore a new place together. I have been contemlating these past few weeks as to where to go next, i was able to go and think about taking different kind of places to visits, i am reviewing family tours like Branson vacation packages and other packages that we can avail to make it more reasonably priced. I really want to treat the kids to a much earned vacation as soon as school is out. I am getting excited just thinking about it!

Exams Completed


After a gruelling weekend creating seven examinations for my students, finally we finished exam week today! TGIF! Hahaha!

I was a proctor for the students of grade three for two days making sure they understood the instructions in all the tests in several subjects. I brought along my books so i could jumpstart my lesson plan for the next weeks regular classes. I had to make sure i fiz my lessons because anothe rbig event is coming in school and we will be start practicing for the event and that means missed classes to give way to practices. I have been asked to do the costumes aside from teaching my students dance moves, i will have to look for someone who can provide us colorful hats, pink ties and black flats.

Our school is big on school programs, so i really have to make good and deliver what is asked of me. Goodluck to me!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Exam Week Soon

It is the time again ... exams.

This time around not only will i start reviewing the kids for their exams but i will be making the exams ... hahaha!

I have seven examinations to do, and i gave myself a deadline to finish everything by Friday so i can review the kids during the weekend in time for next week's exam days.

I am loving my new role, but i have to say it is not an easy task ... hurray to the ladies who have been teachers for a very long time and are still good at it ... i have only been a teacher for three months and it is really challenging.

Hail the teachers! Tee hee! :)


This is the entire Avellana Family, my side of the family. I have two sisters and one brother. I look at this picture and marvel on how we have grown to become a big family and yet remain as close as we can ever be no matter that we all are living separately now. I have contributed three beautiful kids to the family, aside from Christian of course, lol!

We are planning to have our photos taken professionally this month, you know the kind where we are all seated on contemporary sofas and lounge chairs, maybe have poses of siblings only then grandchildren only and maybe shots per family and of course the all together pose, even wacky shots too!

My suggestion is to bring plain colored clothes so we can color coordinate ourselves per shot. I am so excited for this pictorial, i am sure it would look really nice!

Seat Sale

I have always wondered what it would be like to avail of the airline seat sale that has been going on for some time. I would go online and check out their websites and try to try my luck to get cheap airfare and maybe make an imprmptu trip somewhere with the family. But up to this day i have yet to see my luck shine on me as all the bookings i made are all sold out. I know the time will come that i will finally nail it. Here's to me getting good and affordable seats in the future! Cheers!

Helping Out

Now that my girls are growing up they are slowly gaining interest on what i do at home and how they can help me, yey me! Hahaha! I have never really asked for their help in anything in the house i want it to come from them ... and yes the time has arrived! Bea wants to help in the cooking while Sam wants to wash the dishes for me. It wouldn't be bad if i had a nice gas stove that is accident proof so i don't get worried that Bea might get hurt when she helps me in the cooking part and maybe have an installed Insinkerator disposals for the sink area to have ease in the washing the dished part. I am so proud of my girls and what they have become, always trying to think of ways to help me around the house in any way they can. Without my asking them they look out for Vin all the time, fix their bed whenever they wake up and even set the table during mealtimes. Soon the day will come that i will just be leisurely sipping an iced drink after dinner while i look at my girls taking over the kitchen .... hehehe! I can dream can't i? Tee hee!