Thursday, July 29, 2010


My kids just love the playground and the first thing they go to and try out are the giant slides that they take at the same time. If there is only one slide they go all lined up together or if there are seperate ones they make race out of it. But no matter how fast the other one gets they always make it a point to wait and look out for each other. They also like these kinds of slides in swimming pools, i just have to ask Chrstian to get on it first and to check on the safety of it and to wait for them at the end of the slide and catch then especially if the slide ends in deep water. Our small pool at home is still under renovation, still have to shop around for some pool pumps to get the water in the pool in half the time instead of using a hose which will take forever to fill up. I have to do it this weekend though and hold on to whatever summer fever is still hanging in the air ... rainy season is up ahead.

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