Friday, July 9, 2010

True Or False

I have seen it so many times on tv ... the product that supposedly will answer all the problems of hair loss for men and i am totally convinced with the ad that they are running. Christian has been developing bald spots and i don't think this is the time for this as he is too young to be bald. I am actually considering on buying the product for him as a gift for his birthday but i still am contemplating on this decision. It is a bit pricey and i am yet to meet someone who has actually used the product to give me a known testimonial. I actually posted it as a shout out on my facebook account asking if anyone has tried or has know anyone who has tried it .. but i still do not have any replies. If i will rely on the ad it would surely be a "go" for me ... i wonder is this true or false? I guess the only thing for me to do is buy and try it out .. like the saying goes, "nothing venturesd, nothing gained", and boy do we need to gain ... hehehe!

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