Monday, July 5, 2010


I really want to go to HongKong next summer! I want it so much that i can actually taste it. I want to bring my kids to Disneyland while they still have the interest for it, though i have yet to meet someone who won't get excited to go to the magical place on earth ... hahaha!

I have been going through websites of airlines looking for the best deal there is and sort of testing the waters of how much it will cost us. I make mock bookings to check on possible itinerary so i could have a real feel of how much we have to prepare to go on this vacation, i surely would not want to go through a travel emergency on my hands, that is why i am keeping all areas covered. I am trying to get the best date to go and the best deal there is so we still have enough money for going around the place and shopping.

Hopefully, we can make this trip ... keeping my fingers crossed!

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