Friday, July 9, 2010

New Role

I can't believe that after thirteen years of being married and being unemployed i now embark on a new role ... teaching. Yes, teaching my kids for twelve years is nothing new to me but a teaching job is a totally different ballgame. Whenever i tell someone that i will be going back to the working force as a teacher they all say that they are sure i will be at ease there. I had apprehensions and was nervous on the first day of classes ... but i nailed it and sailed smoothly on my first day ... and believe it or not i am on to my second month as a full pledged teacher! I am enjoying myself especially since i see the kids enjoying the lessons and watch them learn new things. I cannot discount though that teaching is no easy task, it can really be draining. Imagine when night time comes i am so pooped that it looked that i popped some sleeping pills as i cannot keep myself awake till midnight, something that i have been used to doing. I normally sleep at three in the morning, but now by ten o'clock i can't wait to lie down and close my eyes .. hahaha!

It is tiring, no denying that but it is truly a rewarding experience!

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