Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mall Mission

Christian will be having his birthday in a few days and the kids and i have set up a date on Friday to embark on a mission to find gifts for the special event. I keep asking him if he has any special present he wants to receive but the same answer is what i get, "I just want to spend it with you and the kids". In as much as this may be true there still is the pleasure of looking for the perfect gift and see his suprised face whenever he opens a present. Of course we will be going to look at some tried and tested gifts like men's polo shirts, cologne and after shave products that we always give him every year. I am excited to go this shopping spree with the kids because they have interesting inputs on to what to give their Papa this year.

It's going to be my birthday next month too ... wonder if they too will do some serious shopping for me ... hahaha!

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