Thursday, July 29, 2010


One of the places where our entire family likes ti eat is any pizza parlor ... but if you ask me nothing beats Shakey's Pizza! The best for me no matter how many new pizzeria comes to town. I love the thin crust pizzas and of course the oh so famous 'Bunch of lunch' that has all my cravings covered, chicken, pizza, garlic bread and mojos ...yum! Just writing about it makes me want to eat it.

I will defintely visit Shakey's within the week ... can't wait ... hehehe!


My kids just love the playground and the first thing they go to and try out are the giant slides that they take at the same time. If there is only one slide they go all lined up together or if there are seperate ones they make race out of it. But no matter how fast the other one gets they always make it a point to wait and look out for each other. They also like these kinds of slides in swimming pools, i just have to ask Chrstian to get on it first and to check on the safety of it and to wait for them at the end of the slide and catch then especially if the slide ends in deep water. Our small pool at home is still under renovation, still have to shop around for some pool pumps to get the water in the pool in half the time instead of using a hose which will take forever to fill up. I have to do it this weekend though and hold on to whatever summer fever is still hanging in the air ... rainy season is up ahead.

Mall Mission

Christian will be having his birthday in a few days and the kids and i have set up a date on Friday to embark on a mission to find gifts for the special event. I keep asking him if he has any special present he wants to receive but the same answer is what i get, "I just want to spend it with you and the kids". In as much as this may be true there still is the pleasure of looking for the perfect gift and see his suprised face whenever he opens a present. Of course we will be going to look at some tried and tested gifts like men's polo shirts, cologne and after shave products that we always give him every year. I am excited to go this shopping spree with the kids because they have interesting inputs on to what to give their Papa this year.

It's going to be my birthday next month too ... wonder if they too will do some serious shopping for me ... hahaha!

Cool Nights Ahead

The time has come where the night delivers a cool breeze, a welcoming treat after a long bout of dry and humid weather. I love the rain and love the cool air it gives, it really can make me feel very relaxed. I may be different from others but i love going out when it rains, rain does not stop me from enjoying my day, i thrive on rain. It sure would be nice to go out and sit on the patio sipping iced tea and having an outdoor fireplace to boot to enjoy the relaxing night, a great and perfect way to settle down and call it a day. That would be the life!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Official Mixer

You know who is the official mixer now huh?

Vin just loves to help mix ... did i mention that he does not like eating it ... hehehe! Whenever we eat here i order a different food for him from a different restaurant and take it out so he can eat it here with us.

He is just loves to mix .. a little chef!


I just love eating at Pepper Lunch! I have yet to finish one order on my own though ... hahaha! I always share my order with Sam and i enjoy watching Vin help me in cooking my dish. He loves mixing it for me and putting sauce, extra garlic sauce for me! In as much as i want to eat a lot i still am not forgetting my dream to be fit and keep weight gain to a very minimum which is why i am still on the lookout for
weight loss formulas that will work for me. Losing weight on the
hand does not mean cutting on bonding time during meal times ... that will forever stay constant.

First and Third

Bea my first and Vin my third loves playing together, especially if it is creating something with their hands. We were at the mall last weekend looking for polo boots when my two kiddies entered a Lego store and started making some designs. Even if just for a short time you can see how they enjoyed each others company playing and bonding together. These are moments that make my heart jump for joy ... love being a mama!

Burn Baby Burn

My quest to trim down really is a serious goal for me, no stone unturned to get to my goal and what more i am giving myself a deadline. I must be able to do it within a month and yet not compensate my health. I would not want to lose it dangerously, i bought some fat burners and will be back to my slim form in less time. I will take a picture of my tummy area before i do anything and stick it by the refrigirator door to help motivate me more, and will definitely take a picture of my after soon enough. I know if i will be determined i will succeed, it is all in my hands, i know i can do it ... and i will!

Will post results soon!

Goodluck to me!


Chatting is one of the things that i like to do when i am online, i love the real time exchanges, sure beats email correspondence. Here you can talk about just about anything and get replies super fast! We can even exchange links and pictures we want to share with each other. I chat mostly in yahoo messenger and facebook chat, but sometimes some of my design clients engage in chat at multiply. The last chat session with my friend we talked about the latest apidexin scam and so glad that we could easily exchange ideas and views as freely and as fast, not to mention in chatting your humor and personality syill shines as there are a lot of emoticons that you can use to express yourself more. I wonder how we could have survived online communication without the invention of chatting windows.

New Role

I can't believe that after thirteen years of being married and being unemployed i now embark on a new role ... teaching. Yes, teaching my kids for twelve years is nothing new to me but a teaching job is a totally different ballgame. Whenever i tell someone that i will be going back to the working force as a teacher they all say that they are sure i will be at ease there. I had apprehensions and was nervous on the first day of classes ... but i nailed it and sailed smoothly on my first day ... and believe it or not i am on to my second month as a full pledged teacher! I am enjoying myself especially since i see the kids enjoying the lessons and watch them learn new things. I cannot discount though that teaching is no easy task, it can really be draining. Imagine when night time comes i am so pooped that it looked that i popped some sleeping pills as i cannot keep myself awake till midnight, something that i have been used to doing. I normally sleep at three in the morning, but now by ten o'clock i can't wait to lie down and close my eyes .. hahaha!

It is tiring, no denying that but it is truly a rewarding experience!

True Or False

I have seen it so many times on tv ... the product that supposedly will answer all the problems of hair loss for men and i am totally convinced with the ad that they are running. Christian has been developing bald spots and i don't think this is the time for this as he is too young to be bald. I am actually considering on buying the product for him as a gift for his birthday but i still am contemplating on this decision. It is a bit pricey and i am yet to meet someone who has actually used the product to give me a known testimonial. I actually posted it as a shout out on my facebook account asking if anyone has tried or has know anyone who has tried it .. but i still do not have any replies. If i will rely on the ad it would surely be a "go" for me ... i wonder is this true or false? I guess the only thing for me to do is buy and try it out .. like the saying goes, "nothing venturesd, nothing gained", and boy do we need to gain ... hehehe!

Bayo Sale

I am not much of a clothes lover person but Bayos's mid year sale left me craving for more. I was looking for a pink blouse to replace my pink top that was given to me in a smaller size and i chanced upon Bayo boutique yesterday and was suprised with the good selection of colothes and t, i wasake note all items are discounted at 50%! I was more suprised to find a black pair of slacks priced originally more than a thousand and is now marked down to two hundred fifty! Luckily, it fit me ... but that was after attempting to fit myself in my old size and settled for three sizes bigger ... hahaha! I have gained tremendously since the last time i shopped for clothes! I saw alot of good looking jeans but alas none of them fit me, i might consider taking up on my friends recomendation to her best weight loss supplement to regain my svelte figure ...hahah! I sure missed out on a lot of good buys had i not gained some inches. I will really work hard to trim down ... and fast!

Monday, July 5, 2010


I really want to go to HongKong next summer! I want it so much that i can actually taste it. I want to bring my kids to Disneyland while they still have the interest for it, though i have yet to meet someone who won't get excited to go to the magical place on earth ... hahaha!

I have been going through websites of airlines looking for the best deal there is and sort of testing the waters of how much it will cost us. I make mock bookings to check on possible itinerary so i could have a real feel of how much we have to prepare to go on this vacation, i surely would not want to go through a travel emergency on my hands, that is why i am keeping all areas covered. I am trying to get the best date to go and the best deal there is so we still have enough money for going around the place and shopping.

Hopefully, we can make this trip ... keeping my fingers crossed!