Thursday, June 24, 2010

School Begins

We are going on our second week of school time, so far so good. We all leave the house at six thirty to make it to their seven o'clock class. We have not incurred any absences and lates ... yey! Hope this trend goes on until the end of the school year ... keeping my fingers crossed.

Bling Bling

What makes eyes of our little ones go "bling bling"? Not diamonds that's for sure ... that would make my eyes do that .. hahaha! The only things that makes my little ones eyes do that is when they see new toys and that they did when we went to the mall last weekend. The kids had a grand time trying out the different kinds that were readily out on display for the kids to try before buying it. This latest marketing strategy is good for the parents too because the kids can really make sure if they really want it since it is out of the boxes and for them to experience it. My kids have made their choices and have been raving about it for two days now. I promised to keep them in mind and they will have it on their birthday and the others on Christmas. At least this time i know exactly what to give them and not play trial and error with my gifts.