Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer Party

Summer will soon be over ... noooo!!!Hahaha!Just over acting ... summer is still good for one more month!I am thinking of having one more summer party before it is over. My sisters are all for it and we are thinking of having the usual Luau party, why not a costume party but on the beach at nightime. I am thinking of going as a teacher (hahaha!) to jumpstart school ... have to get my tight pencil cut skirts out of the closet and use my reading glasses to complete my teacher-look. My brother wants to go as a horseman so i said he should go and look for breeches if he really wants to pull off the look. My kids are also excited and said they will dress up like their Anime characters from Naruto. Everyones excited to this one of a kind last summer hurrah party! Hope we get everybody's interest going!

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