Thursday, May 13, 2010

Profile Picture

Christian after the prodding of Bea, Sam and Vin has succumbed to the Facebook mania. The kids has been asking their papa almost for a week now if he can set up an account so they can visit him at Pet Society and battle with him at Ninja Saga .. hahaha!

So to convince him we searched for his high school friends to see if there are some of his long lost friends available to breconnect with ... and lo and behold .... there were a lot! So i said i will be in charge of setting up his account, i will make his profile picture even remove acne scars so he will look good ... he laughed it off and said "okay, make me an account so the kids can visit me there" . So there!

Here is the profile picture i made for him .. with Paris Hilton no less ... hahaha!

He has not seen it yet though .... tonight i will open it for him... i wonder what he will say about it.

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