Thursday, May 13, 2010

Long Way Ago

My papa is on his way to his recovery!


After a long time in the hospital last year i can now truly say he is ready to be back to his normal ways ... though he still on a wheelchair he can stand up and walk on his own. He started doing some work this month, he has gone back to acting, he has done a few shoots already and come out being applauded by the cast as soon the words "cut" is blurted out. "Good job!", the director said to his every scene. He has started to go on dubbing sessions as well.

There is also something big going on for him as he has also been appointed Commisioner of Unesco and will be having his oathtaking within the month. I remember late last year when we were all on alert and was looking at his pulse oximeter that was attached to him to monitor his pulse especially if he dozes off and it goes down. So relieved that those days are so long over ...

So happy that my papa is up and about and ready to take on the world again!

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